Agent RIA Glossary

Assisted Transference: Allows verifying if the agent that is going to answer the call is available before transferring it.

Call Disposition: Permits disposing received or generated calls during or after finishing a call (according to CenterWare configuration).

Call History: Allows consulting call history of the current day. The system will display the specific hour of incoming or outgoing calls’ answer (manual or automatic), clients’ telephone number, calls’ duration and the campaign or ACD group related.

Call Summary: Permits agents to mark the current call to help supervisors monitoring calls and agents identifying the recordings (if AVRS).

Call Transfer: Allows transferring calls to an ACD group, telephone number, or agent.

Change of Password: Offers clients a safety measure. It allows changing passwords as much as clients want.

Chat with Supervisor: Permits contacting one or more agents at the same time by sending text messages to them.

Conference: Allows three way conferences. It helps clients, agents and supervisors to interact.

External Services: Permits agents using other programs, apart from Nuxiba’s, or any other application such as Excel®, Notepad, Calculator, etc.

Finish a Call: Permits agents to finish a call if required.

Finish Second Call: Allows finishing a call that has not been answered.

Hold: Permits putting clients on queue.

Inbound: Incoming calls received by CenterWare.

Manual Call: Allows agents to make an outgoing call manually.

Mute: Permits muting a call, that is, clients will not hear call center conversations.

Outbound: Calls generated through the call center, including manual and automatic calls.

Unavailable History: Allows managing agent’s unavailable timing. It will indicate the specific hour of each unavailable status and its duration besides the accumulated time.

Unavailable: Permits agents to change their current status (ready or other) to an unavailable status, such as break, meal, with supervisor, etc. The system will stop sending calls to agents during unavailable status.