Centerware Xion®, the most advanced and richly-featured contact center solution available, now fully integrates with Asterisk®, switchboards, thereby enhancing its telephone resources, achieving high stability, and ensuring a seamless interaction among its modules.


Get the Highest Return on Investment in Your Contact Center!

This platform demands no hardware investment or infrastructure modifications and provides the following benefits:

  • Overall operational control
  • Maximum stability
  • Twenty four-seven technical support
  • graphically-attractive, user-friendly interfaces

The open-source Asterisk technology features basic communication solutions that, when integrated with Nuxiba platforms, achieve and ensure a high return on investment along with healthy profits. Moreover, the thoroughly intelligent and effective dialer included in this software is capable of governing all contact center indicators.


Achieve Your Business Targets, Deliver a Top-Level Service, and Provide an Unparalleled User Experience!

A few Nuxiba-Asterisk integration features are:

  • Call recording
  • Screen recording
  • Chat
  • Social networks
  • Email
  • Unprecedented, comprehensive reporting
  • Unrivaled, eye-catching interfaces
  • CRM
  • Guaranteed stability

With these features, your company’s income is bound to increase!

Asterisk is a registered mark of Digium, Inc.