Centerware Xion a product of the Nuxiba line, is specially designed for integrating with AVAYA,  users have at hand a more engaging experience and the following additional modules:

  • Detailed, drill-down reports
  • Calls recorder based on business frameworks
  • Graphically-attractive, user-friendly interfaces

Turn your call center into the best and most complete contact center and deploy both inbound and outbound campaigns to control all your agent-related operations.

Avoid infrastructure overheads!

Through Nuxiba, offerings, your company do not incur in expenses derived from value-added modules, given that Centerware Xion is an integral and complete platform whose applications can be used at the exact same moment they are required and without additional licenses or IT staff.
In the administrator module you can configure the system’s overall operation in accordance with given business rules and the following functionalities:

  • calls recording
  • screens recording
  • chat
  • social networks
  • email
  • unprecedented, comprehensive reporting
  • unrivaled, eye-catching interfaces
  • CRM
  • guaranteed stability

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