AVRS Glossary

Administrator: Type of user who is capable of establish recording parameters, as well as consulting, adding, deleting and changing recordings besides consulting users, cards, templates and extensions. This type of users does not have any restrictions in CenterWare AVRS.

Agent: Type of user that generates or receives calls while an agreement is being recording (according to a criteria previously configured by the administrator).

Copy Format: Copies an existent format which can be modified and saved with a different name.

Delete Format: Allows deleting one or more previously created formats that are not useful to grade agents anymore or that simply are inactive.

Format: Group of questions and/or criteria that allows grading agent’s fulfillment, service quality, etc.

FTP: Protocol which allows transferring files remotely.

Inactive FTP: Whether there is activity or not, this type of FTP will always be available.

IP Key: IP address of a computer to restrict export permissions.

Monitor: Users capable of disposing a call, such as supervisors or administrators.

Multiple Choice Answers: Type of answer that allows choosing more than one option to grade agents.

NetBios: Local server which allows exporting recordings.

Numeric Menu Answers: Type of answer which allows assigning a numerical value; that is, configuring a start value and a final value, as well as augmenting the numeration.

PBX: Provides telephone extensions to agents and shows its status to the system.

Quality: Type of user capable of consulting recordings, generating reports and formats. A quality user is similar to administrator but with some restrictions such as, adding, deleting and editing users, schedules, etc.

Recorder Server: Manages all recording resources stored on the system to allow recording the required extensions. Recorder Server receives information about the status of the extensions through Agent’s Monitoring System.

Recorder: Hardware and software which records calls originated by the extensions provided by the PBX and indicated to the Recorder Server according to a previously configured recording criteria by the administrator.

Recordings: Obtained from the voicemail and stored in a DBMS SQL Server 2000 to be consulted later through CenterWare AVRS.

Simple Choice Answers: Allows configuring different answers. However, users will only be able to selected one of them. For example, when grading agent’s knowledge about one specific topic.

Supervisor: User who uses CenterWare AVRS to consult recordings created by agents to verify his fulfillment inside the CallCenter.

System’s Manager Client: Allows obtaining recordings of the selected extensions according a specific criteria. Depending on each user’s profile, they can develop different management and supervision tasks. Management profile allows configuring cards, ports, extensions, add users, clients, ACD groups, templates and consult recordings. Supervision profile allows consulting recordings according to a search criteria suggested by administrators.

Text Answers: Open answer, allows writing notes and/or comments. This type of answers allows feeding back agents.

Type of Answer: Indicates type of answer to each question. Each answer can be different despite the concept. Type of answers can be such as YES or NO (close answers), and numerical menu, simple or multiple choice, or text answers (open answers).

Warnings: Automatic mailing.

WildCard: Subnet mask that belongs to the restricted computer.

Yes/No Answers: Close option type of answer, users must select YES or NO as an answer.