CenterWare® Finder Module

This tool concentrates all the information going through CenterWare Xion along with the records of every operation carried out by agents. It is a powerful and fast search engine that works for any contact center, regardless of its size or the amount of data it generates per minute. It receives any kind of queries for it searches among each interaction between the users and the system.

Results cover a wide range of items related to inbound and outbound calls, chat sessions, emails, social networks and any other means through which communication takes place.

find and filter

Find and Retrieve the exact information you need!

Track down relevant information through a wide variety of parameters like ‘agent’, ‘call length’, ‘disposition’, ‘workstation’, etc., or filter it by day or date range.

CenterWare® Finder features an effective system that enables administrators to customize and save query structures based on one or multiple search categories to meet business-specific requirements and retrieve the exact type of data at all times.

search and find all the information

Create your own search workflow — Choose how to work with the matches you find!

In addition to the many matches that are displayed upon submitting a query, you can find inbound or outbound call recordings and logs of chat sessions, emails, or social network interactions.

Whenever you have access to these files, you can choose to:

  • Download them to any convenient location in your computer
  • Email them to any agent, administrator, or client
  • Disposition or rate them to measure your workforce efficiency

search the point

Find, download, and organize all you Contact Center information with ease!

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