This application provides all-encompassing analytics about the relevant activity that takes place in your contact center; it is capable of generating real-time drill-down reports whose content and layout are fully customizable.

It excels at detecting strengths, cautions, or areas for improvement in agent performance — enabling you to make necessary workforce optimization-driven decisions and changes in a timely fashion.

Filter information by parameters like time, date, period, workgroup, campaign, client, or supervisor and export the results to Excel, CSV, and PDF files.

Simply the best Call Center Reporting and Analytics Available.

Web browser resports in contact center

CenterWare Reports® delivers detailed reports and charts based on the following indicators:


  • Login and logout time
  • Worked hours percentage
  • Total ‘ready’ status time
  • Total ‘talking’ status time
  • Total ‘unavailable’ status time
  • Answered calls
  • Wrap-up time
  • Average service time per call
  • Productivity percentage
  • Speed of answer
  • Calls disposition
Reports about telephone agents

Outbound campaigns

  • Dialed calls
  • Answered calls
  • Not-answered calls
  • Busy lines
  • Answering machine or fax detection
  • Records to dial
  • Blocked records
  • Callback records
  • Total ‘talking’ status time
  • Unproductive time
  • Calls disposition
  • Dialed records detail
  • ‘Ready’ agents
  • ‘Unavailable’ agents
  • Busy agents percentage
  • Busy ports average rate
  • Productivity level
  • Telephone bills per campaign
Outbound reports

Inbound campaigns (service requests received via calls, chat sessions, emails, and social networks)

  • Received requests
  • Answered requests
  • Abandoned requests
  • Overflowed (forwarded) requests
  • Average waiting time
  • Average service time
  • Service percentage
  • Abandonment percentage
  • Busy agents percentage
  • Signed-in agents percentage
  • Service level
inbound reports and statistics


  • Call traffic by menu
  • Call traffic by option
  • Call traffic by script
  • Total calls
IVR resports and statistics


  • Total calls by survey
  • Total selected options
Online surveys reports and statistics

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