CenterWare CRM® is the ideal tool for sorting all your client-related data quickly and easily. Its array of tools allow you to develop process-driven forms aligned with strategic business rules — saving money while dramatically improving your time-to-market.


Agent-friendly platform

Incredibly easy-to-use interface.
No IT staff required.

crm screen

Create forms tailored to your needs and targets

Configurable components: Design from product-specific to customer-centric forms.
Feel free to add and name all the fields that best fit your needs.

Adapt current resources without any additional investment

Open architecture: Break free from previously established infrastructures with a cloud-based, scalable solution that requires no hardware investment and is capable of adding new licenses and users whenever the need arises.

hosted cloud CRM platform

Useful reports uncover improvement opportunities

See all your information in real-time dashboards and reports (overall operating statuses in contact centers are just as important as flight indicators in aircraft). Get on-demand, customized analytics based on tables, summaries, and charts to assess and control your productivity levels and make business decisions proactively.


Boost your sales and
win customers


CenterWare CRM® features comprehensive tools that track everything from start to finish. It expedites the conversion of leads into the sales pipeline, manages your prospective and current customer data, detects areas for improvement, and records complete business cycles in a cutting-edge reports module.


Promote an on-time payment culture among your clients


CenterWare CRM® sends reminder messages in accordance with industry guidelines so that high productivity levels can be monitored, reached, and increased with ease.

Improve your
quality of service


CenterWare CRM® provides agents with tools for quickly accessing ticket history and following up on technical support cases — enabling them to deliver professional, first-contact resolutions.



General Contact data

Geographical area

Sums of purchases and debts

Service type

Records by category (e.g. cities, arrears, clients, etc.)

Contact history




telephone agent
  • Service order
  • Real-time feedback on ticket status via e-mail
  • Ticket queueing
  • Automatic ticket routing
  • Multi-level technical support
  • Records by client

Take your Contact Center to the next level —  Improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction with CenterWare CRM®