CenterWare Suite®

Increase debt recovery rates!

Enhance your strategies for the recovery of late payments through predictive, progressive, and intensive dialing systems that save time by connecting only answered dials and screening out busy signals, answering machines, or disconnected numbers.

Increase debt recovery rates

CenterWare Suite® Predictive Dialer

Forward calls to the appropriate agents!

Make and assign calls strategically with thoroughly intelligent dialers that function in accordance with your databases.

They help you to control telephone bills, reduce compliance risks, and grow both contact ratios and collection percentages.

call screen recording software

CenterWare IVR CS®

Provide information around the clock!

Develop auto-attendant applications that notify account holders of their overdue payments, due dates, or accrued points and allow them to get their balances via fax or other means.

ivr system debt collection

CenterWare AVRS®

Save critical and sensible data!

Record complete calls or conversation parts and retrieve them whenever the need arises. Back up data like payment promises, arguments, transactions, etc. to detect areas for improvement and multiply agent efficiency.

Screen recording cloud system

It is possible to be effective and TCPA Compliant!

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