Nuxiba cloud-based services provide you with immediate access to IT resources without installing the CenterWare Suite solution. Execute applications from anywhere in the world via Internet and invest no more money in the acquisition and implementation of infrastructure. Benefits of our hosted platforms include:

Self-Service: Add, delete, and modify campaigns online without third-party intervention.

On-Demand Functionalities: Use applications in accordance with your growth needs and targets.

Easy, Risk-Free Deployment: Internet access and a desktop are the sole things required to connect with our solutions. Your contact center will have next-generation technology for managing agent activity without incurring large expenses and worrying about free site space, specialized workforce, or maintenance.

Flexible Scalability: User licenses are granted during the periods that best meet your service requirements.

High Availability: Operational continuity is guaranteed by the most advanced systems, such as redundant high-capacity power supplies and Internet connections (10 Gbps), air conditioning, etc.

Get your custom tailored Contact Center up and running today!

Hosted platform monitorin contact center

Improve your service levels online from any location!

software hosted contact center
  • Answered calls percentage
  • Abandoned calls percentage
  • Not-answered calls percentage
  • Service level
  • Comprehensive reports regarding:
    • Served clients
    • Abandoned calls
    • Average waiting time
    • Average abandonment time
    • Average service time
    • Overflowed (forwarded) calls

Monitoring every campaign result is now possible!

  • Agent name
  • Agent status
  • Status time
  • Client name
  • Served clients total
  • Average service time
  • Overall service time
  • Extension number
  • Campaign name
  • Campaign script
remote access contact center platform


Administrator Module

remote contact center administrator

Configure, manage, and control all agent activity!

Agent Module

remote agent monitoring

Attend to callers or called parties while
reaching optimum productivity levels!

Supervisor Module

remote supervisor

Monitor, measure, and improve agent performance!

CenterWare® Surveys

remote access to surveys

Conduct online surveys after serving customers!

CenterWare® IVR

remote control IVR system

Develop auto-attendant menus and increase service availability!

Scripting Module

remote control scripting

Expedite call flows, reduce waiting times, and deliver the best service level available!

CenterWare® CRM

Remote access crm contacts

Organize every single piece of
client-related data!

Reports and Statystics

remote access reports contact center

Get comprehensive, drill-down analytics regarding all campaigns!

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