Nuxiba Technologies was created over 15 years ago in order to provide solutions, tools and services for making easier customer interaction through several communication means and improving companies’ service levels and operational efficiency.

We excel at the development, deployment and sale of open or nonproprietary contact center software. We have wide experience in integrating different systems and, thereby, profit from companies’ current infrastructure. Therefore, we own a worldwide installed base and a growing market share ranging from large to mid-size and small contact centers.

The Nuxiba line of customer-centric products has been launched onto a large number of industry sectors, such as finance, customer service, telemarketing, debt collection, sales, telecommunications, government and automotive agencies, education, health, and transportation.

Our developers are information and telecommunication technologies professionals who hold several certifications issued by Microsoft, Intel, Envox, ScanSoft and IMT.

The business strategy by which we abide focuses on investing in research and both our staff and technology resources to develop next-generation platforms featuring flexible and comprehensive functionalities at competitive prices. Our offerings are aimed at making it possible for contact centers to enhance their operation processes and achieve higher productivity and profitability percentages so that they are able to carve out a place in their respective markets.

Experience and creativity is what makes innovation possible at Nuxiba Technologies; we make use of the most recent breakthroughs – such as VoIP, natural voice recognition, multimedia applications, and chat to keep our users ahead of their competitors.


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