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CenterWare Outbound® is a powerful predictive dialer system that boosts agent productivity by sending out large number of effective calls in the fastest time interval and at the lowest cost available.

The predictive dialer's configurable parameters enable the creation of progressive, interactive, and manual dialing policies that reduce downtime between calls and reach clients more effectively.

CenterWare Outbound® is specifically designed for companies in the debt collection and telemarketing sectors. It streamlines the management of multiple campaigns and sub-campaigns with an intuitive interface that enables users to:

Assign records, agents, and supervisors.

Set the dialing order of up to 5 numbers by client.

Check dialer
throughput statuses.

Create scripts for
call flows.

Determine and modify configurable parameters like:

Records import and order
Agents assigned to campaigns
Operation schedules
Auto-start campaigns
Compliance callback criteria
Manually or automatically-programmed callbacks


CenterWare Outbound® generates drill-down reports and charts where administrators can monitor the contact center’s overall activity in real time to identify and configure the system settings that best fit their targets. It also integrates a CTI pop-up screen that provides agents all client-related information along with the following indicators:

  • Answered calls percentage
  • Busy signals percentage
  • Not-answered calls
  • Fax detection
  • Dialed calls
  • New records
  • Callback records
  • Signed-in agents
  • Available (ready) agents
  • Disconnected agents
Outbound reports

Administrator Module

outbound administrator

Deploy contact center administration applications easily!

Agent Module

agent administrator

Dial multiple calls productively!

Supervisor Module

contact center supervisor

Analyze agent productivity through descriptive indicators

Online Customer Satisfaction Surveys Module

online surveys contact center

Assess agent performance through customer satisfaction surveys!

Scripting Module

scripting contact center

Define frameworks and standardize customer service!

Reports and Statistics Module

reports analytics contact center

Identify areas for improvement according to detailed analytics!