Do you benefit from the fact that there are millions of mobile phone users?

Reminder HM®is the most effective platform for directly communicating and interacting with large numbers of clients and prospects. It is capable of conducting several one-way (out-only) or two-way (out-in) SMS text messaging campaigns simultaneously while ensuring that all information is successfully received.

Its next-generation automated mass communication engine and easily-deployable applications deliver results in real time, providing an unparalleled user experience.

This SMS Text Message Broadacsting System is ideal for sending thousands of text messages aimed at a wide variety of audiences, such as debt collection, advertising, customer loyalty improvement, etc.

Reminder HM® advantages and benefits:

  • Expedites customer interactions — the information is immediately read by recipients
  • Guarantees the correct delivery of data, even if mobile phones are switched off or out of range
  • Provides one-way and two-way communication
  • Generates analytics of messages received through shortcodes
  • Covers multiple carriers
  • Tailors messages to any business target
  • Features thoroughly user-friendly tools
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Get real-time reports!

Reminder HM® creates all-encompassing drill-down reports on demand. They display campaign results and development so you can make the decisions and changes necessary to enhance contact ratios in a timely fashion.

Review the percentage of sent messages, blocked numbers (by black lists, filters, or business rules), delivery times, campaign costs, and replies received through previously configured short codes and keywords.

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Explore all the kinds of messages you can broadcast with a cloud-based platform

Reminder HM® is a solution distributed by:

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