Develop innovative and easy-to-use telecommunication solutions for the Call and Contact Center markets that meet users’ expectations and keep pace with the Industry’s trends and demands. Furthermore, we seek to provide products that can be quickly deployed and achieve the best return on investment available.



Be ranked among the five worldwide leading companies in the contact center industry by offering valuable developments, products, services and human talent.


We know that values are the foundation of every successful business; therefore, each of our members abides by:

Customer Centricity

Customers are the main reason why our business exists. We are committed to provide them with top-level products and services.

Human Development

Our people and their development is essential to us; we help them to follow a career plan and inspire them to develop innovative proposals.

We have highly talented staff members who use their initiative, achieve their goals, and work hard at constant efficiency levels.


Our offerings are developed in accordance with the latest trends in the industry to continuously enhance our product line and never lose sight of what clients need and require.

Inversionistas Nuxiba

At Nuxiba we appreciate people




We take up large-scale global challenges through teams of people who share the same target and join efforts in order to attain it.

With this approach, we multiply the ideas and courses of action from which we can choose to comply with the Market’s requirements.

Innovation and Creativity

Our company differs from others by creating avant-garde solutions that enable users to be one step ahead of their competitors.


Our work environment embraces fun which gives way to ideas that directly translate into our clients satisfaction.

Inversionistas Nuxiba

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