Are You Well-prepared to Meet Clients’ Communication Preferences?

At this moment in time, customers decide how to convey a message; they pick the means and the method. Therefore, companies are encouraged to develop and provide a multi-channel platform through which they can be reached promptly and effectively

When it comes to contact centers, keeping pace with the needs and demands of the marketplace and its members is of the essence. Clients determine the way in which they interact with agents, whether it is for information, shopping, or technical support purposes. In light of this, getting to know their preferences enables organizations to design convenient strategies that achieve the best results available in terms of user experience.

The communication processes are increasingly transitioning to the digital world; nonetheless, both the traditional devices and live operators are still important to business relationships.

Some of the channels most widely used in modern customer assistance are the following:

  • Telephone call
  • IVR application
  • Website
  • E-mail
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Chat
  • SMS message

Commerce Revolution

The aforementioned tools allow people to not only get in touch with their retailers and/or service providers, but also to purchase products online and receive electronic notifications.

Deploying such functionalities and other currently popular contact means proves to be advantageous to companies. For instance, in the particular case of sales, following up on transactions and being readily available through different technologies is what keeps buyers loyal to a single brand on the long term.

According to recent global statistics, the commonly referred to ‘e-commerce’ along with the number of Internet and mobile devices users are significantly growing on a yearly basis. As a result, it is advisable for contact centers to broaden their scope with richly-featured systems.

Cost-effective, High-quality Service

When branching out their existing communication channels, contact centers are not necessarily required to renew or upgrade all their infrastructure, let alone incur unreasonably high expenses. It only takes an adequate solution for them to enhance their service quality and operational efficiency.

CenterWare X5 is a next-generation solution suitable for this challenge. It manages and streamlines any array of interaction means while offering unparalleled, personalized customer experiences and increasing first-contact resolution rates. Social networks, e-mail campaigns, online chat, CRM tools and many other functionalities are featured and integrated within this advanced software.