Bilingual Contact Centers.


Nowadays contact centers from all around the world are embracing the concept of cultural awareness so as to improve the customer service they provide and be ahead of their competitors. By acknowledging that there is a large number of cities whose population is multicultural, contact centers can analyze demographics of different customer service users and, thereby, develop culturally-sensitive communication means for providing assistance in different languages.

Customers who are served in their native language feel more comfortable and more willing to buy. On that account, hiring proficient bilingual agents enables contact centers to reach wider audiences, gain customers’ trust, and increase profits. International blue chip companies’ success is based on the fact that they recognize each cultural difference within their customer base and outsource their calls to offshore contact centers.

Cost containment means are one of the main benefits that attract foreign investors. For instance, hiring worldwide contact center services is more profitable than other economic strategies, since indirect labor is cheaper in some countries of Latin America, Asia (particularly India), and Eastern Europe. Moreover, having bilingual agents serving clients from non-English speaking countries can significantly reduce the call waiting time, given that the call is connected to a staff member who speaks clients’ language and will be able to provide them with a high-quality assistance and service at once.

Outsourced bilingual call centers are a cost-effective method that enables companies to provide unparalleled customer experiences, as well as increase their opportunities for breaking into different countries, and consequently for expanding their client portfolio. By easing tensions related to language barriers, agents who speak different languages not only can promote companies’ offerings throughout the world, but also outnumber the advantages of traditional call and contact centers.

It is worth mentioning that not all the population from Anglophone countries is fluent in English. This is because it is composed of a significant percentage of immigrants. Therefore, apart from focusing on reaching markets abroad, companies must also take into account the foreign prospective customers who live in their country of origin. In 2005, the United Nations reported that there were nearly 191 million international migrants worldwide –about 3 percent of the world population– and, just like in the last years, this figure is not likely to decrease.

The vast majority of immigrants do not feel at ease when it comes to speaking a language different from their mother tongue and, more to the point, they are not forced to do so since there are no English proficiency requirements by which they must abide and there is no assistance to assimilate the switch between two extremely divergent languages. As a consequence, they search for and resort to economic sectors in which they can speak their first language and be sure they are doing the business they want and require.

In light of the above, partnering with bilingual contact centers is a very clever move for developing stronger business networks, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction rates, creating corporate-wide initiatives, ensuring that calls are never missed, gaining a larger market share, and improving customer service standards. The aforementioned benefits are just some examples that portray the real power of staffing bilingual employees and being able to meet the needs and expectations of customers who are establishing international businesses and expanding globally.

It is important to note that agents from outsourced call centers not only need to have communication skills and an extensive knowledge of the languages they work with, but also to be well-versed in the operation and features of the offerings they promote in order to duly face and solve the different problems and questions posed by foreign customers.

Contact center outsourcing in the US and other English-speaking countries is expected to roughly double previous growth figures in the next few years; i.e. companies from all over the world will be willing to partner with bilingual call centers so as to reduce their overhead costs and strengthen their customer base. Therefore, customer service providers must have a multilingual staff to remain competitive in the outsourced profitable means market.

CenterWare Xion

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