Broadcast Messaging as a Tool in Advertising

November 2014

Providing clients with new user experiences is a current trend. Broadcast messaging is a service whereby information can be sent and received on a large scale through mobile phones and Internet application settings. It has become an essential marketing strategy for instant communication and an alternative means for easy, reliable, direct, and innovative customer interaction.

This functionality can be hired on preferential rates that are commensurate with the number of recipients to be reached. Therefore, it is significantly cheaper than the Short Message Service (SMS) alone and more efficient than standard and electronic mail marketing together.

Among the several sectors that have been enhanced by means of this technology are: advertising agencies, government departments, communities, radio and television stations, retail shops, and any line of business that needs to contact a list of clients so as to share important data.

In spite of being a powerful communication tool, broadcast messaging must also be deployed in accordance with previously established strategies for achieving success. For instance:

  • Campaigns must be aimed at a clear goal that tailors to a specific marketing scope.
  • Offers promoted through text messages must be of value to recipients.
  • Data delivery must be subject to time intervals; a full inbox can annoy users and be counterproductive; i.e. it can lead to their getting bored and, consequently, not reading the content.
  • Rates must not be the basis for hiring carriers; texting itself is very cheap and effective, unlike other contact methods.
  • Reached parties and sent messages must be constantly measured to assess campaign results.

Platforms featuring broadcast messaging can provide valuable benefits to both your company and pocket. Among several things, they are useful for carrying out campaigns readily and quickly, customizing messages, using pre-configured templates, managing client lists, covering several carriers, guaranteeing data delivery regardless of the type of devices and whether they are switched off or out of range (since texts are sent immediately after telephone network is restored), and reporting contact ratios online through real-time statistics and charts, all in a single interface.

What your marketing staff needs nowadays is a fast, reliable, and powerful massive communication software!

Experience broadcast messaging!