The importance of call center services in a company's operation.


Companies have a significant number of departments that communicate with clients; however, sometimes customer-company interaction cannot be achieved due to availability matters, given that departments have to deal with heavy workloads and clients have no time to travel to the company’s facilities to speak with one of its representatives.

Call centers have helped many companies to improve their service, since they provide clients with the opportunity to solve any doubt from the comfort of their own home. The departments in which call centers have a larger market share and a higher demand are, among others, the following:

Customer service department. It is the channel through which agents provide clients with information about the features of a product or service.

Sales department. It is the means that makes purchasing products and hiring services easier for customers, since they only have to make a phone call to acquire whatever they desire.

Accounts receivable department. It is one of the most important resources of financing companies for it facilitates the localization of delinquent clients and increases the collection of late payments or investments.

It is worth mentioning that both the technical support (help desk) and the complaints & suggestions departments are just as important as the aforementioned services to a company’s operation and the call center outsourcing sector; through technical support companies solve technology-related problems that clients face when using a product or service, and through the complaints & suggestions system they solve internal problems related to user experience and derived from customer-employee interaction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing a Call Center

Deploying new services within a company should lead to an improvement in its activities; nonetheless, virtually all services have pros and cons. By outsourcing call centers, companies overcome difficulties and enhance their management system with regard to different matters, but they can also face a few problems. Therefore, it is important to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of call center services.



  • Speed and assertiveness. Serving clients through telephone is faster than serving them in person, since waiting times are shorter and employees are more objective when solving and facing problems.
  • Innovation. Providing an immediate and effective service enhances companies’ image through a status of responsibility and commitment.
  • Quality. Recording calls by means of applications so as to analyze them periodically increases companies’ opportunities to improve the features that do not meet clients’ expectations.
  • Availability. Providing a twenty-four seven specialized service in each department throughout the year enables clients to reach companies without delays or restrictions.


  • Problematic customer-employee interactions. Providing assistance through telephone can lead to difficult situations between an employee and a client if the latter is transferred to different representatives several times.
  • Employee turnovers. Working with recently hired employees who lack experience for they have not been instructed in their activities may pose a problem for companies, even though employee turnovers are a characteristic drawback of call centers.

Companies that outsource part or all of their activities to call centers not only keep pace with the current communication methods, but also demonstrate that customer interaction is the main factor they take into account for the success of their operation. Therefore and in spite of the aforesaid pros and cons, outsourcing call center services is a strategy with very few areas for improvement through which customer-company interactions can be strengthen.

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