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APRIL 2014

The level of attention required by contact center calls is extremely high; therefore, it is advisable to monitor them in great detail and through profitable means. According to several statistics, a single agent, for instance, makes or answers around 100 calls every 6 hour period, thereby stressing the demanding goals and tasks of customer service providers.

1.- The CEO of Telefónica Cataluña, Kim Faura, states that his staff daily takes more than 50,000 calls, among of which 99% are duly handled and 1% do not comply with client requirements. The latter figure represents 500 people who can decide to manage without a company’s products or services. In light of this, a poor quality assistance can result in significant profit losses.

Faura also states that 75% of the callers’ aim is to raise negative issues, such as complaints and problems. This scenario can become worse if agents disregard the contact center’s policies and carry out their duties inappropriately. An inefficient service can cause any business to incur expenses. In the US alone, companies’ debt can amount to 83 billion Dollars.

2.- When it comes to custom communication means, 61% of clients slightly prefer the telephone over the email (60%) and the live chat (57%).

Based on the aforementioned percentages, call centers are still ahead of their competitors in terms of direct interaction, which enables them to acquire client loyalty and turn it into high investment returns and long-term business relationships.

In order for companies not to cope with problems derived from low-quality services, it is suggested that they have a system whereby reports on matters such as agents’ service time and voice level, abandoned and cancelled calls, etc. can be generated. Said data can be complemented by charts so as to dynamically display the status of a campaign’s records along with agents’ specific information, like login and logout time, priorities, schedules, attendance, overtime hours, and downtimes (minutes spent on a lunch, break or training course, to mention but three).

In conclusion, due to the contact center technological breakthroughs that take place every day, customer support features have been largely improved to benefit both clients and companies. On that account, it is of the utmost importance to deploy control means by which service levels can be measured and any line of business’s engagement can be preserved and strengthen.

CenterWare Xion

CenterWare XION® features a user-friendly, graphical interface that makes easier to create and manage multiple on-line inbound and outbound campaigns, both of which can be set to follow given parameters to deliver the best results available; e.g. name, service hours, assigned agents and supervisors, transfer priorities, messages, average wait times, alternative extensions for overflowed calls, etc.

CenterWare AVRS® records every single call made and received by your contact center so that you can assess and enhance your agents’ service level, as well as detect frauds, payment promises and customer testimonials. Apart from the aforesaid benefits, CenterWare AVRS® is fully integrated with CenterWare XION® Administrator; as a result, you will not need a second window to play your recordings, since you will only have to click on the AVRS tab in the dashboard of the latter platform.