Call Recording, the Best Shield Available to Your Company and Clients

February 2015

Some time ago, calls recording systems appeared in the contact centers industry in response to the need of saving and backing up critical data shared during customer interactions; for instance: payment promises, arguments, sales agreements, testimonials, frauds, etc. These pieces of information have always been crucial to any business operation; nonetheless, nowadays they can benefit not only companies, but also their client portfolios.

Did you know that protecting data exchanged via telephone calls is required by law?

Telecommunications regulations governing calls recording have come into force in several countries around the world in order to grant telephone users the right to control the data they provide to companies or organizations while making sure it is deployed in their best interests at all times. Safeguarding the particulars and privacy of calling or called parties is of the essence in today’s society, where Information Technologies enable the mass-scale management of sensitive data immediately, constantly, effortlessly, and virtually limitlessly. In light of this, both clients and prospects can rest assured that their feedback is merely used to retrieve and validate knowledge bases.

Did you know that agent performance is improved by 100% when customer interactions are recorded and monitored?

A different method for guaranteeing data protection is monitoring the performance of staff members when providing customer support over the telephone. In addition to enhancing agent efficiency, said course of action helps you to be ahead of your competitors by ensuring the delivery of best-in-class assistance. The main factor that drives clients away is underplaying their demands by either giving them a poor service or being indifferent to their problems and questions. Buyers and users forgive mistakes if they are offered prompt and effective resolutions, but do not forget unprofessional practices –let alone mistreatments–. Workforces aware of the fact that their conversations and keystrokes are being recorded and tracked are more likely to focus on excelling at their tasks and keep a good attitude throughout the calls.

CenterWare AVRS® is the market’s most richly-featured open-architecture software; it records all the activity taking place across your agent extensions and desktops discreetly and professionally on a 24-hour, 365-day basis with a highly-reliable equipment that brings within you reach all the tools necessary to achieve your every business goal.

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