Chat and Social Networks.


In contact centers’ world, the tendency to provide service through means different from telephone, such as chat and social networks, spreads progressively.

According to some recent studies, there is a growing predilection for requesting information, calculating fees, and making complaints regarding poor service by chat, rather than by phone calls.
Despite the popularity of call centers around the world, the demand of those who provide their clients with services via telephone and email has decreased since 2011. The aforesaid datum sets forth the need for such centers to consider migrating to communication means like chat and social networks.


It was recently discovered that developed countries’ population prefer to communicate through chat, since according to a research conducted in 2011, 61% of professionals choose chat over other means in order to handle personal matters, but more importantly to establish commercial relations with professional services and retail companies.

Such trend is good news for sellers, given that - according to the report ‘Live Chat Effectiveness 2012’ from BoldChat - 31% of online shoppers from both the US and the UK choose to purchase a given product or service after a live chat. Therefore, as chat continues to gain importance, there is clearly a sizeable group of online shoppers keen to communicate through said means.

Furthermore, it has been detected that among the abovementioned group, the young and their needs are mainly encouraging contact centers’ effort to add live chats to their services, since the vast majority of them prefer chats not only to communicate with friends and relatives, but also to be sent information and advertisements regarding products they are fond of.

Such predilection was revealed by the significant growth of chat across the US and UK, which amounts to 65% and 53% of online users, respectively, who shop through said means.

Social Networks

The proliferation of social channels means that website customers have an ever-growing number of options for communicating with customer service representatives in real time. As from 2012, more than 1.4 billion Internet users have accessed social networks; 157.8 million of which are located in the United States. Therefore, nowadays they are the new means people prefer so as to ask for information.

According to some opinion surveys, people prefer social networks because they get answers more quickly - since sometimes it is more efficient to reach companies through the aforesaid means than by telephone -.

Another important reason is related to the time clients wait on hold while listening to a song or advertisement, given that making a request via social networks enables them to wait for an answer while they keep working or searching on the Net, for instance.

Benefits for Contact Centers

Communicating with clients by means of chats or social networks entails lower costs, given that the volume of inbound and outbound calls is reduced. Moreover, workers can also benefit from such means. When agents begin to work in contact centers with no experience whatsoever, they must be thoroughly trained so that they acquire the knowledge they need to duly handle calls. If said inexperienced agents are speaking with clients demanding quick answers, they can feel nervous and make mistakes. It is in such scenario when social networks can be beneficial, since agents can discreetly turn to more experienced coworkers or supervisors whenever there is a doubt or difficult situation.

An additional benefit of the abovementioned means is that they expedite customer service, since agents are able to process several requests simultaneously, prepare an adequate answer and meet clients’ needs or requirements in just a few minutes.


CenterWare Xion

We currently offer an AdminRia version that includes new functions, among of which there is chat service. Through said worldwide popular communication method, you will keep in touch with your clients. Furthermore, CenterWare Xion will soon integrate with social networks so as to ensure you a full coverage regarding communication means, thereby allowing you to be in the technological vanguard of contact centers.