Chat-based Customer Service: the Digital Contact Evolution.

October 2014

Have your clients listened to the message “We are currently experiencing heavy traffic on our lines, we apologize for any inconvenience” a considerable number of times? Have they travelled long distances in order to reach one of your branch offices? Have they complained about not having been provided with a more customized service? Have they outnumbered your agents?

We bet you answered “yes” to more than two of the aforesaid questions. One of the most innovative ways of assisting clients is via chat, which is a useful written-speech tool that emerged as an alternative contact channel. It is aimed at establishing a real time, Internet-based customer interaction system whereby two or more individuals can synchronically communicate at any hour of the day through short texts resembling spoken language.

This technology, in contrast to telephone services, does not require agents to be by their desk at all times so as to provide immediate answers and not miss a single enquiry, since clients are enabled to leave a message and be contacted shortly after –not to mention that chat sessions can be started while handling a call. In spite of these advantages, it is advisable to keep your staff online when dealing with heavy traffic on your site.

Acquiring a platform featuring a chat tool humanizes virtual contact, thereby strengthening the trust bond between users and agents. Furthermore, it increases the likelihood of switching your business to web-based means that enable those who do not want to communicate through calls to set forth their questions and requests with great ease from anywhere in the world.

Another benefit of such software is that it makes easier to get through to clients with whom a direct conversation cannot be established by other channels, since not only do they find it as way of speaking with your staff quickly, immediately and effortlessly, but also allows you to see who is online to send preconfigured messages (for instance, “Hello, how can I be of help to you?”).

Last but not least, it improves communication, personalizes customer services, and follows a win-win approach; it helps you to enhance your offerings and save time through a one-to-three contact method (i.e. 1 agent, 3 clients) while users avoid dawdling, queues, and standard assistance. As a result, you will grow into a reputable company.

Join the globalized contact technology!

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