Cloud-Based Recording Systems

Cloud-based tools are spreading day by day in the enterprise world thanks to their built-in advantages, such as low infrastructure costs, scalable storage capabilities, and 24x7 remote information retrieval.

When it comes to contact centers, hosted platforms are also increasingly popular because they can be thoroughly tailored to specific communication needs and do not require users to make large investments in information technology resources or servers.

This type of software allows companies to grow steadily and expand their business into multiple regions, or even countries. It centralizes every piece of data in order for communication to be effective and cohesive among all branch offices. As a result, staff management is streamlined and productivity levels can be measured immediately, whether by area, campaign, or service.

Cloud Recording

Capturing all the voice and screen activity of agents is essential to analyze and drill down operating results, as well as to develop successful customer engagement strategies.

Cloud-Based Recording System

Recording applications not only need to feature a given set of features, but also be adaptable to different inbound and outbound campaigns, ranging from debt collection and sales to telemarketing and help desks. In comparison to legacy on‑site devices, cloud systems offers a larger number of benefits:

  • Little to no infrastructure investment: memory upgrades or additional servers are not required.
  • On-demand access to logs: files can be retrieved from any location at any time to keep pace with the contact center activities.
  • Cloud storage: hundreds to thousands of audio and video recordings are saved in full compliance with the current data security standards.
  • Different export options: material can be downloaded in several formats for your convenience.
  • Real-time analytics: calls are classified in comprehensive reports by quality, length, disposition, speech emotion (shout detection), and many more parameters with just a couple of clicks.

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