Cloud or On-site Platforms?

Would you like to be provided with a pay-per-use solution that enables you to access IT resources easily and immediately without purchasing, deploying, and managing infrastructure?

If you are nodding, then a cloud-based platform is the option that best suits you; it does not require you to acquire and maintain your own server or worry about updating applications and operating systems, since these tasks are the host’s exclusive responsibility.

Due to these and other reasons, nowadays a larger number of organizations are turning their attention to cloud computing, which is one of the latest trends that complies with the technology scope of blue-chip corporations around the world –not to mention that it is widely regarded as a highly-flexible resource capable of tailoring to any business need and target.

The implementation of said approach is spreading at high speed, thereby multiplying the companies that deliver services through hosted applications along with those that are strongly considering to adopt it as a completely-viable alternative.

When studying your software options, you can also choose between these two models: private and public cloud.

Private cloud:

Infrastructure operated solely for a single organization. It can be managed internally or by a third-party.

Public cloud:

Infrastructure shared among different organizations. It can be managed by each of them or a third-party.

Do you prefer to make a general investment rather than paying a fixed annual or monthly fee when acquiring solutions that produce financial gains in next to no time?

Deciding on a cost-effective platform is nothing but providing your business with long-term benefits, given that IT services are likely to be hired by contact centers in the near and far future.

CenterWare Xion®

Is a powerful tool that meets the requirements of any company while improving its service and productivity levels at the lowest operating cost and with the highest return on investment. It features a wide variety of modules like inbound and outbound campaigns, call and screen recorder, CRM, IVR, chat, social networks, automated surveys, real-time reports, finder, etc. that deliver the best customer experience available. Besides, thanks to its architecture, it can be deployed in either a cloud-based or on-site modality.

You build your business presence, enhance it now!