Contact Center Training Courses.

Contact centers that deploy specialized software for controlling their operation should run effective courses to instruct their agents, supervisors, and administrators in the handling of such technology. Otherwise the lack of expertise in all its tools and processes could hinder the staff’s objectives.

Contact center solution developers have stressed the advantages of providing user-driven training programs, since trainees can become familiar with the system, master its multiple applications, and increase their service level.

Courses regularly cover both theoretical and practical approaches – and when it comes to the contact center framework, this is not an exception. Theoretical courses are aimed at disseminating all the terminology derived from a given system so that users can relate it to the applications they will use. Through this concepts association, users will be able to identify the system’s functionalities and deploy them correctly.

Conceptual courses cannot last more than a month; companies need to deploy their systems and achieve the best results available right away. Therefore, it is advisable to carry them out for a maximum period of one week in order to generate a tangible return on investment in the short term.

Nuxiba Training Courses

The Nuxiba staff runs the following types of courses:

  • Administrative. It is aimed at users who are in charge of supervising and controlling the contact center (such as managers and members of the IT department). Through this type of course, users learn crucial settings whereby the system operates appropriately at a management level. The administrative course is subdivided as follows:
    • CenterWare Administrator
    • Reminder
    • CenterWare AVRS Administrator
  • Technical. It is aimed at IT engineers who already took the administrative course. Through this type of course, users learn crucial technical settings whereby they can deepen their understanding of the system’s operation. The technical curse, both at the junior and master level, is subdivided as follows:
    • CenterWare IT Engineer
    • IVR
    • CenterWare AVRS IT Engineer

Nuxiba trainees are offered the opportunity to subscribe to the Nuxiba community, through which they can find more detailed information on our courses, articles of interest regarding contact centers, and manuals of our different offerings. Read more>>