Contact Centers and the Digital Customer Experience

As shown by the latest trends in customer assistance practices, the main factor that differentiates a company from its competitors is the experience it provides to the people who buy its offerings and hire its services.

This element is developed during all the stages in which organizations interact with clients, ranging from prospecting to referral, as well as throughout the sales cycle and product trial period. It takes place over different communication channels and is directly related to business relationship quality.

When it comes to contact centers, the aforementioned reality is no exception, but rather something that agents must bear in mind when speaking with contacts, either to close a deal, offer technical support or follow up on transactions. Furthermore, it also comes in handy to keep track of and measure the level at which purchasers’ and/or end users’ expectations are met through next-generation target-specific technologies, thereby keeping pace with the Industry’s most recent demands.

Channels and Tools

Today’s consumers are more likely to make well-advised decisions. Before spending their money, they search for reviews on their preferences and options; they investigate, compare, and choose using both digital and traditional means. In light of this, corporations are urged to design models and techniques that enhance their customer experiences in a wide variety of modalities.

However, they cannot succeed in bringing up to date their operating and management processes unless they stick to a thought-out plan based on their real and particular business needs. For instance, it is advisable that they invest in functionalities and platforms whose scope is commensurate with their client portfolios size and contact mechanisms number; in other words, they must personalize their every tool in accordance with previously defined goals.

Contact centers that integrate software solutions into their activities prove more advantageous than the conventional ones. Among their many benefits, they can cut operating and technology-related expenses, multiply interaction frequencies and service availability, improve response time and speed of answer rates, and increase the efficiency of human and technical resources.

Such infrastructure, apart from revamping and making more attractive a company, must be flexible enough to deliver individual results by campaign or sector.

Deploying a cloud-based system featuring applications like online chat, social networks, and CRM databases is an example of what customer assistance providers can do to build a unique and strong corporate image.

Nuxiba engineered a series of digital contact center-oriented platforms that can tailor to any kind of aim or purpose thoroughly, register and generate statistics about performance and quality levels, and make easier for agents to offer unparalleled, top-level experiences.

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