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Customer service is a key factor to a company’s prestige. Therefore, those who are in charge of communicating with clients must adequately cope with the day-to-day challenges inherent in said activity. Customer service is a complex task at times, thus it requires agents to have certain skills; they must meet a given profile so as to increase your business’ productivity and competitiveness by providing an excellent service in each call. Nuxiba presents 8 recommendations for providing your clients with a better service.

1. Increase Service Speed

Clients think a reasonable wait time lasts no longer than 5 minutes, otherwise your service makes a bad impression on them. CenterWare Xion comprises and advanced call routing system capable of easily and quickly sending every call of your contact center to the appropriate agent. In the event that a call is queued, the system will tell your clients their position in queue and the average wait time.

When agents start a conversation, they must be able to duly identify the client’s data in their PC’s system. If they do not know the answer to the client’s query right away, they must know how to handle their PC’s database in order to provide a correct and comprehensive answer. CenterWare CRM’s graphical interface enables agents to identify all the client’s data, such as their calls and tickets log, the status of their orders, etc.

2. Use Call Scripts

Call scripting can provide benefits to contact centers’ clients, since it establishes calls’ development step by step according to all the possible alternatives in courses of action.

A good script comprises all the questions agents must ask to clients; furthermore, it contains support information for agents (such as data regarding campaigns, clients, products, services, etc.). Scripts must be dynamic and focus on opportunity areas so that your agents eventually improve their service.

Each campaign is unique and, therefore, its script must also share such feature.

Through CenterWare Xion scripting module’s user-friendly, intuitive graphical interface, you will create simple or complex scripts according to your requirements in just a few minutes and assign them to each of your ACD groups. Moreover, you will be able to customize the script based on the client’s data so that agents have all the necessary information at hand.

3. Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Upon finishing a call, agents must make sure they answered all the client’s queries. The ideal scenario is that agents are capable of easily meeting all these steps; nonetheless, it is advisable to conduct a survey among all your clients by the end of each call, since it is a means through which you can learn first-hand your clients’ opinion on the service with which they are provided.

CenterWare Xion’s customer satisfaction surveys system enables you to conduct surveys among clients by the end of a call. You will be able to create simple or complex surveys in just a few steps by means of an intuitive graphical interface organized by blocks. Furthermore, you will create questions through prerecorded messages or TTS functions.

4. Keep Clients Informed

If clients phoned your call center due to a problem or formality and a solution cannot be immediately provided, keep in touch with them via telephone so as to inform them about any advance regarding their situation and show them you care about providing them with constant feedback. In order to follow up your clients’ tickets, use CenterWare Agent’s callback function in combination with CenterWare CRM’s e-mail sending function

5. Provide Service Twenty-four seven

Nowadays it is not enough for clients to communicate with an agent during a given schedule for they seek to be given around-the-clock service. Companies’ challenge is to find a solution through which they can provide a high-quality service twenty-four seven at the lowest operating cost.

By deploying an IVR system, wait times are reduced and information is accessible to clients at all times through automated voice response menus and direct interactions with databases. In order to communicate clearly and effectively with your clients, those calls that require a custom service can be transferred to an agent. Therefore, by optimizing your resources, you will increase your contact centers’ productivity.

6. Monitor

A tool for monitoring your contact center’s activity in real time is among the most important features you must have. It has to display a clear image of the current activity through agents’ status, talking times, waiting queues, etc.

CenterWare Xion comprises a set of functions based on a RIA (Rich Internet Application) environment that enables you to easily manage your platform, from which you will monitor your agents and ACD groups’ (inbound) activity in real time. By means of indicators, graphs and an attractive color code you will see all the information regarding your ACD groups’ activity, such as:

  • Received, answered, abandoned, and overflowed calls
  • Answered, abandoned, not-answered, and overflowed calls percentage
  • Average wait and talking time
  • Service level
  • Agents’ name
  • Agents’ status and time
  • Telephone number and ACD group of the call in progress
  • Real-time monitoring, conference and coaching functions in each call
  • Agent-supervisor chat

7. Follow Quality Processes

The quality department not only has to promote control mechanisms through which calls can be handled successfully, but also to encourage each contact center member’s professional growth. It is in charge of assuring that courses of action, training plans and operational procedures comply with regulations regarding such matters. It is essential that contact centers abide by regulations that control each of the processes they carry out.

The aforesaid department must know the importance of conducting an audit within the contact center; that is it will monitor agents’ activity by listening to their calls, checking their screens video, and playing recordings of previous calls.

An assessment system is essential to assign dispositions to each section of a call (welcome, development, and farewell), as well as to give agents feedback, either on their good performance or opportunity areas. The criteria to be taken into account in each section assessment are related to each contact center’s necessities; however, the most common are: greeting, introduction, knowledge, politeness, respect, farewell, etc.

CenterWare Xion comprises the Market’s most advanced call and screen recording system: CenterWare AVRS. The latter has been designed with the most recent technological breakthroughs. It includes a graphical interface completely integrated with CenterWare Xion Administrator, thus recordings can be accessed at all times in just a few minutes.

Through CenterWare AVRS’s tools you will gather, save, access, play, and verify all your contact center and company’s calls. Therefore, said platform is ideal to monitor and back up your business’ operational processes, since it enables you to assess and improve service levels, supervise the quality of calls’ development, and detect frauds, payment promises, negotiation statements, etc.

CenterWare AVRS’s finder comprises a powerful search engine through which you will find the recording(s) you need in just a few seconds. You only need to enter a query and it will display all the matches found in campaigns or agents’ names, and clients’ data. Its innovative system Analytics&Emotions will enable you to easily find those recordings including shout detection.

With the quality module you will check both the audio and video of each call’s development, hence you will be able to assess agents’ performance through customizable assessment formats, detect opportunity areas for improving your service, and support fraud detection, payment promises and negotiation statements, among other things.

Our innovative timeline will graphically show you all the recordings by means of a color code that will enable you to know which dispositions have been assigned by your agents throughout the day so that you can picture your campaign’s development.

8. Reduce Learning Curves

Contact centers’ employee turnover rates are usually high due to countless reasons. Such rates constitute big expenses, since a new staff must be selected and trained again. Moreover, they have a great impact on the quality of the service with which clients are provided.

CenterWare Agent’s user-friendly and easy-to-use graphical interface dramatically reduces learning curves, given that agents do not have to learn new programs, hence they can focus on learning your contact center’s operational processes.

The aforesaid module includes icons, buttons and indicators that can be easily recognized for they make reference to the action they execute. Whether you are waiting for a call or having a phone conversation, you will always have at hand the most common functions. Furthermore, the module can be easily integrated with any ERP, CRM, database or management application by means of the following components:

  • ActiveX (for Microsoft-based applications)
  • Webapplet (for JAVA and HTML-based applications)
  • Application drivers
  • Java Script (for Java or Adobe-based applications)


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