Contact Centers: Debt Collection

June 2014

The recovery of arrear accounts poses a problem for the vast majority of companies; however, executives of different sectors agree on the fact that the approach to such activity is a key factor for delivering both positive and negative results.

Therefore, this article focuses on the main tools whereby your campaigns will meet their every single target, as well as some strategies for reaching a large number of clients and keeping them loyal.

7 Keys to Success

Operation Goals

Every campaign must be aimed at:

  • collecting all delinquent accounts.
  • settling a short-term payment plan.
  • ensuring debt clearing through real securities.

Based on this framework, your objectives will be measurable and attainable.

Updated Databases

Accurate information sources are essential when it comes to classify your accounts in accordance with debt logs and increase the likelihood of your clients receiving past-due notices.

It is advisable to bring your databases up to date by means of existing campaigns, since you will benefit from your current operation means and you will not lose sight of any relevant particulars you might skip while carrying out a brand new project. Moreover, you will be able to constantly follow up the cases handled by all your agents.

Client-based Organization Schemes

Even though statistics point out that each contact center manages its portfolio in arrears in compliance with its interests (e.g. by market, sector, default, etc.), it is indispensable to abide by a given strategy, such as controlling overdue payments through a monthly scheme. This approach, deployed by leading banks around the world, enables agents with the most experience to deal with the most difficult debt clearing scenarios, thereby guaranteeing the recovery of accounts.

Training Programs

It is not news that training your agents periodically is crucial to your company’s development; however, you must take into account the wide range of benefits that courses based on specialized areas can bring, since they can equip your staff for providing concise information according to the different markets and aims of your clients. As a result, the communication between the latter and your company will not only be effective, but also customer-centric.


Scripts are means for promoting and achieving the goals of campaigns; they set forth the elements that must be followed and met during every call, as well as the flow to which it will be subject depending on the clients’ interaction and answers. In spite of this, you must always realize that your staff is full of diverse personalities and, therefore, its members will enhance and make use of their skills at their own pace.


Employee turnovers are one of the main factors that affect the general status of any contact center, but even more so of those in charge of debt collection, given that accounts are handled by various agents and under changing methods. An effective framework based on bonuses and incentives encourages employees to improve their performance through parameters like:

  • Productivity
  • Reached clients
  • Efficiency
  • Accounts recovery

What is more is that this kind of prizes will be welcomed among your staff and will help you to identify the areas at which you excel and those on which you need to focus.


Deploying a large number of means for communicating with your clients is imperative nowadays. In light of this, you need to make use of the most recent technological breakthroughs in the contact center industry; they will automate and streamline your processes.

CenterWare Xion: Communication Evolution

CenterWare Suite® is the favorite tool among the largest debt collection firms, thus Nuxiba holds a market share of 90% in such sector. CenterWare® is the ideal solution for handling your overdue payments and improve your databases administration by means of dialing parameters capable of achieving higher return on investment levels.

CenterWare Suite® features solutions for monitoring:

  • Debts
  • Accounts coming due
  • Accrued points through promotions
  • Balances
  • Etc.