Elements that influence customers’ contact

MARCH 2013

Contact level or customers prospectus, is a measurement that must be analyzed constantly, since the probabilities to increase the contact level that will lead to a successful management of the contact center depend on it; that is, the sale of the product or service, effective collection, apply surveys to evaluate the service or any other objective related to the business operation.

To reach and maintain a good level of contact it is necessary to use an efficient application capable of managing huge amounts of calls, to increase the number of contacts by agent and at the same time decrease the waiting time between calls; to achieve this, users must use a predictive system, considering that working without it is a reason for low contact levels.

Even though automatic dialing systems, particularly predictive systems, are usually the best way to contact bigger amounts of customers in less time, its success depends on the quality of the databases, since it is calculate that during the first time that the system dials the numbers only 65% or less will be answered, the others will be incorrect, non-existents, etc.

Considering that some times the sources of information build files with information obtained when the customer was in a rush, when they were not interested in providing real information or when the information is modified later, databases might include incomplete, out of date or even wrong information.

When users work with a database for the first time there are some criteria that they used to apply into the contact centers in order to delete those records that might result in unsuccessful contacts; the first, is that they eliminate the records that do not have a first and/or last name, since the management of the call will be vague and, consequently, its success will be less probable.

Another criterion is to delete those telephone numbers without long distance code, since they difficult the process; please notice that there is some technology capable to complete the numbers, which is useful to maintain a clean database and not having this technology will represent a difficulty.

Be aware that the amount of records of the database is not necessarily equivalent to the number of effective contacts, which is explained by means of the out of service, do not exist, or wrong results, among others. So, the real number of contact will depend on the following calculation:

While correct records represent those telephone numbers through which the system will reach an effective contact, existent records represent the total amount of records, including the ones that are incomplete, do not exist, etc.

Regarding to the effectiveness of the database of the contact center, some important facts are:

  • The total amount of available telephone numbers that are going to be dialed.

  • The total amount of useless numbers (wrong, nonexistent, incomplete, etc.).

  • The amount of made calls.

  • The amount of successful calls according to the fulfillment of your objectives.

  • The total amount of calls in which the objective was not achieved.

Other basic fact to improve contact, according to our Operations and Installations Manager in Nuxiba, Andrés Ortiz, is the importance of maintaining a dialing strategy in agreement with the days and schedules during which the customers are in their offices or home addresses.

When users plan dialing according to the schedules of the customers, financial and human resources will be optimized by focus them during critical moments and ignoring them when the contact is minimum to which users must take advantage of the statistics that measure that curve objectively.

Besides, our contact center expert, points out to the need to guarantee that the databases are clean by keeping in mind the following:

  1. Approximately 50% of the records included into a new database will be related to correct numbers and 10% to wrong numbers.

  2. Once users obtain the amount of incorrect records it is important to have the technological resources to differentiate the reason why they were not contacted.

  3. On the other hand, users must count the amount of successful management by means of the numbers that were contacted correctly, that is, to close a deal or a promise of payment.

  4. Then, the process to estimate the quality of the database will involve the evaluation of the contacts disposed as successful during the management, how many of them were translated into short-term profits, etc.; for example, the payment of the acquired product or service for the customer or the fulfillment of the promise of payment.

Thus, the facts that affect the contact level are divided into three: the ones that are related to the technology used to dial the records, the ones related to the cleanliness and quality of the database and the ones related to the financial results derivative of the successful contacts.


CenterWare Xion

AdminRia accelerates the contact process and makes them efficient through its predictive system by means of a database load procedure that allows verifying the existence of the numbers in order to avoid wasting resources in fruitless tries; additionally, it prevents deleting local numbers that are incorrect thanks to its capability to add the long distance code automatically.

Besides, by means of do not call lists, allows users to assign the wrong numbers to a group of numbers that are not going to be contacted again, in order to avoid repeating that call.

And at last, consents to use reports to identify the amount of dialed numbers and their results, such as wrong, nonexistent, out of service, etc.; to evaluate the quality of the databases and establish the days and schedules during which customers answer calls and create contact strategies.