Fraud Detection: A Security Guarantee for Your Company

Aug 2014

In the contact centers world, calls recording is one of the main trends for following up accounts and detecting leads or threats. This tool can be deployed as a comprehensive analysis means by any business that seeks to protect its information.

In the finance industry, for instance, it is compulsory to keep a record of the telephone-based conversations, whereas in the commercial one, it is indispensable to back them up in order to achieve goals. Saving verbally held agreements is an irrefutable and sustainable proof whereby businessmen can comply with legislations such as the TCPA.

The aforesaid approach makes easier to manage and concentrate the calls dialed and received by means of analogue lines, SIP circuits and commuter trunks. Furthermore, it is useful in scenarios like:

  • Transactions authorization
  • Services cancellation
  • Identity authentication
  • Service levels measurement

All the aspects that must be taken into account to accurately deploy and exploit this technology at all the hierarchical levels of an operation, along with the metrics that must be analyzed to identify results are highlighted hereinunder.

Shout Detection

This mechanism is fundamental when it comes to assess agents’ performance and clients’ answer, given that it processes sound flows. In like manner, it helps to spot fraud attempts for it registers the variations in the tone of voice of those who are on the other side of the line so as to determine their mood; i.e. whether they are nervous, angry or happy.


Shielding the data shared by a contact is a primary concern to help desks; however, what about the security of the enterprise on behalf of which they speak? A win-win relationship must be a constant for both parties. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that they have references at hand so that they can defend themselves in the event problems arise.


A staff well versed in handling a call that is being recorded is crucial, given that any detail, no matter how small it is, can endanger the success of a lead. In light of this, agents must abide by a modus operandi and a tactical script through which they can deliver concise and suitable solutions.

Archiving Conversations Comes in Handy When Evidencing Facts

This strategy is common knowledge among customer service providers. By making use of a specific software they can access al their information combined with variables to monitor their activities in accordance with their requirements.

Advantages of a recording system:

  • Saving calls made among internal extensions.
  • Listening live dialogues on demand.
  • Generating reports about the number of clients reached.
  • Retrieving files immediately.
  • Keeping detailed records of campaigns and ACD groups progress.

The speed with which the scope of this preventive measure has been enhanced is undeniable. For example, in the banking sector, it enables executing all kinds of transactions under client authorization, thus institutions acquire their account holders’ trust and loyalty. Another method to attain said objectives is registering fraudsters’ voice, either through an IVR application or a telephone, so that they are excluded from the system and authorities prosecute the case.

Similarly, in the field of contact centers, whose target is to reduce expenses and increase the profitability of the companies that outsource them, deploying a recorder is making a big impact in the way they get their messages across, mainly because it adapts to the service with which big masses want to be provided; i.e. a safe one.

Multi-directional Goals Achievement

Deploying a conversations log method is a tendency derived from the multichannel concept, which makes possible to communicate by means of telephone, email, chat, assistance modules and even social networks. Not taking part in this wide variety of means can lead to significant losses. Letting go a consumer who formerly recommended your brand irreparably damages not only your sales, but also your corporate image.


The analysis of given parameters is aimed at understanding the development of industries based on quantifiable data that can be adapted to the nature of each business. In fraud detection, particularly, it must be considered that the quality and detail of reports play an essential role in the identification of market risks.

The main statistics for assessing results are:

  • Average speed of answer
  • Answered and abandoned calls percentage
  • Average service time
  • Agent activity (administration, downtime, etc.)
  • Conversion rate (leads turned into sales)
  • Number of dialed records and their outcome

The Power of Voice Within Your Reach!

CenterWare AVRS

Nuxiba Technologies has developed a recorder that meets all the high-level performance characteristics that each operation demands, since it can integrate with the telephone commuters and data networks of any company, thereby benefiting from existing infrastructures. Moreover, it is designed with the most recent technological breakthroughs and it features a 100% user-friendly interface.


CenterWare AVRS comprises a ground-breaking system called Analytics & Emotions that is capable of tracking down files storing a conversation in which the parties involved raised the voice; i.e. in which a discussion took place. You only have to enter a query, such as an agent’s name or a client’s data, so that the system displays all the matches found in next to no time. The quality module enables accessing both the audio and video of the calls taken by each agent. As a result, you can identify:

  • Opportunity areas
  • Frauds
  • Payment promises
  • Customer testimonials

Finally, through the timeline of this platform, you will be able to distinguish the dispositions assigned to all your recordings graphically by means of a color code, and consequently monitor the development of your campaigns and ACD groups.