Identify Your Internal Clients and Build a Loyal Workforce

Every time we hear the word ‘clients’, the first thing that springs to our mind is the people who hire our solutions or buy our products. As a result, we seldom relate such concept to our in house departments, or more specifically: our staff members.

When it comes to contact centers, the agents are one of the internal resources to which we need to pay close attention, since they develop the link between our organization and end-users and strengthen our corporate image through their communication skills and attitude.

It is common knowledge that customer assistants whose morale is not aligned with your campaign targets are more likely to achieve lower service and quality levels. In light of this, it is important to make them feel at ease with their tasks so they can do their best and innovate on a daily basis.

Employee Engagement

Encouraging your representatives to commit to your company mission is a constant duty that requires you to provide them with periodic training and update courses regarding not only your offerings, but also the set of abilities whereby they can properly interact with customers and coworkers alike.

In order for agents to become well-versed and confident in the role they carry out, you must instruct them in leadership, sales, and business relationships fundamentals as well as in your brand scope and target audience.

According to some studies, by offering good fringe benefits, workplaces increase their staff loyalty by up to 60%. Therefore and based on the fact that contact center teams are mainly composed of young talents, it is advisable to design career plans specially aimed at them so they can truly involve with their job.

Apart from incentives and perquisites, technological tools are also a key to high performance levels. For instance, functionalities such as automatic skills-based calls routing, CRM systems displaying client specific databases, and integrated interaction means allow parties in charge of customer assistance and technical support to deliver first-class results.

Healthy internal efficiency rates translate directly into top-level external user experiences, hence quantifying your collaborators’ productivity and service figures at regular intervals is of the essence.

Enhancing Indicators

Things that cannot be measured cannot be improved. This well-known scenario proves the usefulness of implementing a dashboard that registers pieces of information vital to the successful development of your corporation.

The number and nature of such metrics are correlated with your business needs. When determining them, you must focus on those that best suit your operating models and analytics requirements. Furthermore, you must take into account that indicators do not give answers, but rather pose questions that function as guidelines for pinpointing both your strong and weak areas.

Controlling your contact center’s overall activity is now possible; Nuxiba engineered the ideal platform for managing, measuring, analyzing, and monitoring your workforce’s performance: CenterWare X5, a seamlessly-integrated, easily-deployable, highly-intuitive software through which agents can excel at their every task, thereby fostering their involvement with, commitment to, and satisfaction with your organization (learn more).