IP Telephony: Enhanced, Cost-effective Communication

Nowadays, the most advanced contact centers process calls traffic by means of data packets; i.e. voice signals are digitized and transmitted through Internet Protocol networks, thereby improving the reception quality and cutting costs derived from devices installation and analogue wiring.

This technology, known as IP telephony, proves to be a major advantage to all kinds of companies, since it streamlines and optimizes the channels through which clients and staff members interact with each other. For instance, it can integrate employees working at different branch offices into a single telephone system and feature cutting-edge functionalities, such as IVR applications or any other Internet-based contact means.

As evidenced by leading telecommunications providers, the conventional or legacy telephony falls short when it comes to fully meet the requirements and needs of the latest communication models, given that, in a large number of cases, the traffic of network packets is generally higher than that of analogue calls.

When deploying broadband telephony, businesses double their likelihood of supporting multimedia content like video, voice, or all other data and consequently increasing their productivity levels.

At Nuxiba, we work with next-generation technologies and develop all-encompassing solutions on a constant basis in order to offer the best service and tools available to our user base, not to mention we pioneered the implementation of IP telephony in contact center-oriented platforms.

By innovating new products, we have achieved a market share of over 95% in telesales, over 90% in debt collection, and 30% in telemarketing corporates across the different countries where we operate.

Our line of platforms is easily deployable and capable of helping any organization to keep pace with the professional and modern practices that build competitive, reliable business relationships.