Increase your sales: quick answer and efficient dialing

MARCH 2013

For any contact center, regardless its size, it is basic to plan the actions that will guarantee the correct operation of the relationships between the enterprise and its customers.

By its nature, there are different factors that affect the volume of sales, for example, agent’s rotation and the quality of the databases (which have been described previously). Thus, automatic call distribution, for both incoming and outgoing calls, is the best option to increase productivity and sales since the key is taking advantage of the human resources and time, which involves the following:

  1. Decreasing idle times. Dialing does not depends on an agent since it decreases the idle times between one call and another; that is, while agents are connected and available, the system will dial until the schedule of the campaign is over.

  2. Control idle times. Control agents' breaks to guarantee the appropriate use of them by means of a management application in order to allow managers/supervisor reviewing all the information in real time and then evaluate those times through reports.

There are other elements that facilitate the efficient usage of the technological resources, which allows increasing the sales of the contact center; to improve its analysis they are described below according to the type of call (incoming or outgoing).

ACD Group

The advantage of the incoming calls is that they place the required service at the customer's disposal at the right time (according to the type of business or service), in order to allow them sensing the control of the selection and provide an excellent attention during the fist contact and, if everything is correct, take the advantage at the beginning of the relationship: a positive perspective based on customer's choice and an efficient answer.

On the other hand, one disadvantage is that once the prospect decides to contact us, we cannot control de amount of received calls and that might change the entire scene; if the number of calls surpasses us, we might lose in queue calls, which will affect the levels of service of the contact center. To avoid this, it is necessary to define the correct metrics to know the accuracy of our capability of response and promote actions to satisfy our customers and improve our sales.

According to the researches about the characteristics that influence the customers to evaluate the service of the contact centers, the speed to answer a call is a main factor.

Answer in less than a minute

A recent research has found that the probability to sell a product to those customers whose calls were answered in less than a minute is about 58% and that 73% of the customers will recommend a company for its efficiency to answer calls.

First call resolution

Other researches have found that solving customer's requests during the first call is one of the key factors that influence the decision of the customer to give a good evaluation to the contact center; besides, agents' constant training increases their ability to accomplish this purpose, customer's attention and sales. Thus, he key is at sight, when customers call us, we have to answer quickly and as precisely as possible to be successful.


Campaigns: predictive dialing system

Although many contact centers receive and make calls, for those whose main activity is making calls must include a predictive dialing system since it increases the productivity of the contact center until 400% and that is why its use has increased 3.8% per year in the United States.

Besides, the reduction and control of idle times, the success of those systems is based on:

  • More than one call at a time
    The system must be capable of making different calls by available agent, thus, it increases the probabilities of contacting at least one customer, reflecting a considerable change in the productivity since the contact center uses automatic dialing instead of manual dialing.
  • Identify numbers that cannot be contacted
    The system must be able to identify the numbers that are not going to be contacted (such as out of service, no tone, fax) or where there is not going to be a direct answer and decide what to do (leave a message, transfer it to an agent or reproduce a message) in order to transfer only answered calls to agents and improve continuous management.
  • Do not call lists
    The system must have the ability to identify blocked numbers and avoid dialing them, for example, when users provide a list including the numbers of those customers that request to be blocked the system will not dial them even if they are included into the database to avoid transferring calls that are not going to be successful to the agents since the customer is going to reject the product or service and focus their attention into successful calls.

According to the previous, we can conclude that dialing efficiency will allow achieving the objectives.



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