Reasons for Acquiring a Contact Center Platform

September 2014

Imagine that your company is seeking to make and receive thousands of calls, launch a new product and spread the news among prospective clients, carry interviews in order to close deals, recover delinquent payments, follow up exclusive accounts, and promote sales.

In light of these scenarios, a contact center may be your best alliance. When stablishing it, you can abide by any of the options described hereunder.


Through it you can entrust your tasks to other companies that specialize in carrying out campaigns based on several lines of business, such as debt collection, sales, and telemarketing, to mention but three. Even though this strategy increases the number of people who can work on your behalf, the situation can be counter-productive for you only have an indirect relationship with them. Moreover, since they are not involved in your daily corporate environment, it is difficult for them to grasp not only your values, but also your vision and, consequently, their loyalty to your targets cannot be guaranteed.


Setting a contact center of your own gives way for agents to commit with your culture and scope, not to mention that it gives you the opportunity to provide an immediate service via telephone and other new technologies. Such trend became widely shared due to the strong market competitiveness, which turned a luxurious communication channel into a must-have feature.

Apart from the aforesaid advantages, here are five reasons for you to decide to deploy automation technology:

  • Direct customer interaction
  • Service enhancement and immediacy
  • Contact ratios increase
  • Audio and text-based massive campaigns
  • Low infrastructure and operating costs

¡Join the 21st century contact means!

Automating activities through software is considered as one cornerstone of the new-millennium companies’ competitiveness, given that it expedites processes while complying with the ever evolving market demands regarding quality.