SMS and Voice Broadcasting as a Tool in Debt Collection

The debt collection industry is revamping itself through the use of technology, namely of the increasingly popular multichannel contact platforms.

These systems are nothing but profitable investments to accounts receivable management firms, contact centers, and any other organization in charge of dealing with arrears, since they branch out legacy interaction means, and consequently reach debtors in a more efficient manner.

Keeping pace with the latest software trends is what gives collection agencies a head start on their competitors and guarantees the achievement of complex targets, which range from recovering overdue payments to developing win-win debt restructuring plans and securing obligations.

Another core factor for attaining the aforementioned goals is contacting delinquent account holders on a regular basis. Approaching the parties who failed to comply with their credit or loan agreements through practical and reliable mechanisms is of the utmost importance when it comes to profits. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out this activity with the aid of computer-based applications.

Effective SMS Broadcasts

Sending concise notifications about owed sums and transaction logs via mobile phone is a good option for informing client portfolios of their balance statuses in next to no time.

Among their several benefits, text messages can be:

  • Delivered correctly regardless of recipients’ location (i.e. whether they are at home, work, or anywhere else).
  • Used in drip and follow-up campaigns.
  • Customized partially or fully according to different audiences.
  • Deployed as reminders of due dates or late payments.
  • Sent to large distribution lists.
  • Automated depending on given schedules.

Dynamic Voice Broadcasts

Robo-calling, in addition to texting, also comes in handy for collectors. Through this communication technique, debtors are not only provided with relevant data, but also reached in real time.

Pre-recorded messages featuring IVR functionalities enable called parties to be forwarded to a live operator who answers their questions, controls their payments, and verifies their account details, thereby enhancing their user experience.

Both SMS and voice broadcasts generate high contact ratios per hour, hence they prove advantageous to the recovery of arrears. Besides, they save time, reduce staff-related expenses, and manage thousands of records automatically and intelligently.

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