Telephone Surveys: First-hand Information for Companies

MARCH 2014

A company’s success is measured by the achievement of its goals and the appropriate deployment of its resources, since both factors increase profits, generate a sustainable economic growth, and keep clients loyal. On the other hand, there are some key factors that dramatically diminish profitability levels and lead companies to bankruptcy; i.e.: inappropriate planning, little communication, ineffective marketing, and poor mastery of Industries’ scheme.

According to a 2013 article in Forbes magazine, 7 out of 10 new American employer firms survive at least 2 years, half at least 5 years, a third at least 10 years, and a quarter stay in business 15 years or more. The market research tools whereby companies avoid significant mistakes and carve out a place in fertile lines of business are surveys; they not only gather specific and crucial information for making decisions, but also pinpoint what clients really need.

Conducting surveys help to identify the most innovative and sought-after products, along with the features they demand. This strategy is aimed at:

  • Segmenting markets; spotting prospective clients’ characteristics in accordance with given parameters (such as demographic, geographic, psychological, and behavioral profiles).
  • Achieving the best quality level available; meeting Industry’s expectations and standards to increase client loyalty rates.
  • Satisfying clients; providing effective benefits and user experiences.
  • Multiplying sale zones; widening companies’ scope and influence around the World.


Nowadays the market research is still a little-exploited field, given that companies keep undertaking it and losing the opportunity to be in close touch which their clients. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that they direct their attention to such activity so that their investments do not turn into losses and, more to the point, they continue to have growth opportunities.


Reminder is capable of conducting massive automated telephone surveys. Through its drag&drop, block-based interface you will be able to create dynamic questionnaires with audio messages recorded either through its applications or a different means. Besides, you will be capable of monitoring the results achieved through parameters like:

  • Campaigns’ progress
  • Dialed records
  • Calls outcome
  • Campaigns’ effectiveness
  • Activity schedules
  • Processed data
  • Survey terms

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