The Importance of Revamping Your Contact Center

According to some studies, contact centers with unified multichannel communication capabilities are a trend that continues to grow at a rapid pace. In 2015 the use of digital technologies, mobile applications, social networks, and SMS broadcasts increased by up to 20 percentage points, in comparison to 2014. Apart from these means, both live chat and email proved crucial to customer service providers as a result of their increasing popularity.

In spite of such phenomena, legacy systems like telephones are still one of the main sources through which clients are reached and heard; therefore, they need to be enhanced with cutting-edge call traffic management software. For instance, automated predictive, progressive, and intensive dialers are a must when it comes to expedite contact ratios and intelligent routing mechanisms are the best way to forward incoming requests to the right and most knowledgeable agents.

Renewing and multiplying the interaction methods is the key to offer customers different assistance or information options from which to choose, and consequently build stronger business relationships. Furthermore, it is a technique that helps to keep pace with the latest service schemes.

The ever-changing demands of the industry have led in-house processes to be reformed. They have stressed the importance of transitioning communications to the digital world. Nowadays is very common to exchange messages across electronic platforms, such as email or social networks, to start or follow up on a customer interaction.

In light of this, it is advisable for contact centers that want to revamp themselves to consider the following factors:

1. Customer preferences. They are essential for planning effective strategies. Getting to know your market or, if you’re an outsourcee, becoming familiar with the audience of your outsourcer allows you to tailor your tools to their needs and implement the channels necessary to deliver better structured and more personalized experiences.

2. Service mobility. The new generation of users expect anytime, anywhere access to data and applications. They want to be given answers and solutions in real- or near real time through their devices.

Mobility not only meets these requirements, but also enables you to do more with less. Thanks to the cloud-based technology, you can run your business in several countries without having to invest in offices and other infrastructure.

3. Multichannel deployment. There are platforms capable of operating and controlling a large number of contact channels (inbound and outbound calls, chat, email, social networks, self-service IVR solutions, etc.) in a unified interface. Additionally, they can integrate databases into agent screens so providing client-specific assistance is achieved with greater ease.

Improving your contact center is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity to remain competitive in today’s industry.

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