About Nuxiba Technologies

Nuxiba Technologies was created over 15 years ago to provide solutions, tools, and services to businesses who want to improve their service levels and operational efficiencies in their Customer Service Centers.

With representation throughout the world, Nuxiba Technologies strives to provide excellence and a superior Contact Center Platform. We achieve this by providing a customizable, reliable, easy to use, and most of all, a product that ensures our customers improve their operations.

Our team of professionals is committed to providing real solutions that exceed expectations.


“Provide a powerful communications platform by delivering an exceptional value and user experience while cultivating team strength and unity.”


Be ranked among the five worldwide leading companies in the contact center industry by offering valuable developments, products services and human talent.

At Nuxiba We Commit to Our Team and Yours


Nuxiba Technologies knows that values are the foundation of every successful business; therefore, we value:

Customer Centric

Customers are the main reason why we exist. We are committed to providing superior products and services.

Human Development

Our people and their development is essential to us. We believe in inspiring them to follow a career plan and develop innovative proposals.

At Nuxiba Technologies, we have a highly talented staff who use their initiative to achieve their goals and work hard for our customers.


Nuxiba Technologies offer the latest trends in the industry to continuously enhance our product line.  We never lose sight of what our clients truly need and require.


Nuxiba Technologies take on large-scale global challenges with teams of people who share the same goal and join efforts to attain it.

With this approach, we generate ideas and courses of action to comply with Industry Standards and strive for a superior product.

Innovation and Creativity

Nuxiba Technologies differs from its competitors by creating unique solutions that enable our customers to be one step ahead of competitors.


We embrace a fun work environment which promotes ideas.  This environment directly translates into our client’s satisfaction.

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