Automated Mass Telephone Surveys

Reminder HM® features and array of tools that provide an unparalleled, engaging user experience for the creation of dynamic voice broadcasting campaigns. Its block-based interface enables you to develop easy to complex call flows aligned with given strategic business targets by simple drag and drop operations.

Reminder HM® reaches recipients safely.

It delivers invulnerable encoded information at all times thanks to its advanced security certificate.

Mass Automated Telephone Surveys are based on a key-pad answering system that enables you to poll large audiences with your own custom questions. They are great for:

  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Lead Generation
  • Enhancement of Current Service Portfolios

Get Multiple Benefits!

Communicate at very low costs
(regardless of geographical scopes)

Measure customer satisfaction

Do case market research and follow up
to make business decisions

Pinpoint new requirements
and needs in the industry

Know what drives purchases

Conduct opinion surveys

Improve information quality
to a notably large extent

Schedule periodic campaigns


Learn about third-party perspectives on your
product, service, or corporate image

Manage the overall platform with great ease!

The built-in applications of Reminder HM® allow you to readily configure and manage resources like:

  • Data sources
  • Campaigns
  • Activity schedules
  • Templates
  • Audio
  • Black or white lists
  • Prerecorded files

    Assess your results!

    The monitoring functionality helps you to analyze the impact of each survey in real time along with the following different aspects: 

    • Campaign progress
    • Total dialed or blocked records
    • Survey answers
    • Dialing results
    • Campaign effectiveness
    • Assigned schedules
    • Dialer throughput
    • Assigned survey

        Reminder HM® also runs in the cloud!