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Sending text and audio messages in large numbers is a strategy used by several companies to contact customers or prospects effectively and directly.

These messages can function, for instance, as payment reminders in debt collection, as publicity campaigns in advertising, and as order notifications in sales

Nuxiba has developed a tool for disseminating your information successfully.

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Schedules Management

Set different operation hours for each of your campaigns depending on the target: debt collection, advertising, sales, etc.

Text and Audio Message Templates

Develop, edit, and manage all the message templates required for your SMS and call campaigns. You can customize them by recipient

Detailed Reports

Retrieve the results of multiple concurrent campaigns and keep track of each operation with online reports.

Black and White Lists

You must receive consent before any messages can be sent. This module controls your recipients and segments your databases into black and white lists to comply with opt-in/opt-out practices.

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Let’s start together. Nuxiba trains you and your team in how to use this software to the best advantage of your business and goals.

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