CenterWare AVRS® — Contact Center Call and Screen Recording

Things that cannot be measured cannot be improved.

CenterWare AVRS® is a high-performance, full-time contact center call and screen recording system that captures each conversation, keystroke, data entry, and window navigation of its agents. It quickly and seamlessly integrates with companies’ existing computer and data networks without requiring additional infrastructure investment.

It also gives users unlimited local or remote access to their files.

With CenterWare AVRS®, the service provided to callers and called parties can be assessed in close detail to help pinpoint errors and highlight good practices.

Gather, Store, Retrieve, Replay, and Validate All Your Contact Center Calls!

Access Recordings from Anywhere in the World!

CenterWare AVRS® Contact Center Call and Screen Recording Solution features a web-based, remote-access graphical interface with next-generation applications for configuring, managing, and monitoring recording processes around the clock from any location.

It tailors to your business requirements and outsourcing services.

CenterWare AVRS® Contact Center Call and Screen Recording System’s Benefits Include:

Detection and improvement of Service Quality Levels

Disposition recorded calls to measure the productivity and quality standards compliance of your agents.

Online Screen Capture

Record agent desktop activity whenever customer interactions take place to check and rate your staff’s performance.

Achieve High Service Levels with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Email recorded calls that need to be heard without delay and through any kind of device. Deliver vital information at the exact moment it is required.

Streamline Fundamental Tasks

Filter and retrieve files in no time with parameters like: date, time, period, call length, recording channel, extension, agent, client, telephone number, record id, etc.

Deploy Highly-Reliable Control and Security Tools

Create different access accounts depending on the role of your staff members (administrator, supervisor, or agent) to define all the applications and content that will be available to them. Control the whole platform through logs that register and save the operations and session details of each user.

These records also make it possible for parties logging in to the system to immediately detect the files that have already been played so they can exclusively concentrate on those that still need to be assessed.

Tailor Features to Meet Your Strictest Requirements

Back up conversations using hard disks, 9GB DVD-RAM drives, or digital audio tapes. Convert audios into the formats you require (vox, wav, and mp3).

Resource Management

Observe and monitor the current status of free hard disk space and recording ports’ busy rate in real time.

Email notifications alert you to backup files when memory capacity percentages are reached.

Acquire a Ground-Breaking Recording System at the Lowest Investment Cost!

CenterWare AVRS® boasts a thoroughly open architecture, is easily deployable, aligns with any business target and integrates with:

  • Digital and analog extensions
  • Analog and E1 trunks
  • IP telephony systems
  • Any database or enterprise management application (ERP, CRM, etc.) through:
    • ActiveX components (Microsoft)
    • Webapplet components (Java and HMTL)
    • Application drivers

Technical specifications

  • Scalability: hundreds of ports
  • Storage: IDE and SCSI (compatibility with RAID 5)
  • Backup units: HDD, DVD-RAM, and DAT
  • Audio formats: VOX, WAV and MP3 (codec: G.723.1/6.3 Kbps)
  • Video formats: AVI and WMV
  • Security algorithm: encryption
  • Database: SQL Server
  • IP: SIP

Navigate Logs and Play, Pause, Fast-Forward, Rewind, or Stop Recordings on Demand!

CenterWare AVRS® can be set to operate automatically in a wide variety of modalities. It can record the group of customer interactions that best fit your requirements. For instance:

  • Dedicated: Calls of specific agents or extensions
  • Random: Calls arbitrarily selected by the system
  • Sequential: Calls per agent or extension
  • On Demand: Calls or conversation parts selected by the agent
  • By Customer: Calls of specific clients
  • By Telephone: Calls of specific numbers
  • By Parameters: All calls dialed or received:
    • In first and last place
    • By agent or extension
    • At given time intervals
    • Within given percentages
    • During given schedules
  • Customized: Calls combining any of the previous characteristics

Unparalleled Compatibility!

CenterWare AVRS®  is 100% compatible with all the systems currently used in the industry — It interacts with: