CenterWare Xion® Suite — The Ultimate Contact Center Software.

CenterWare Xion® Suite is a contact center’s dream. This industry leading contact center software suite helps manage and maintain compliance by using richly-featured modules that cover all the bases.

CenterWare Xion® modules enable agents to excel at their tasks with user-friendly graphical interfaces that streamline any learning curve.

Turbocharge your call center, create new profits and provide the best levels of support and services to your clients — all with a low operating cost and an attractive return on investment.

Deploy multiple parameters for measuring agent productivity!


CenterWare® Outbound

Reduce downtime between calls and reach clients effectively!

CenterWare® Inbound

Increase agent efficiency and achieve high service levels easily!

CenterWare® AVRS

Assess employee-specific performance through call recordings!

CenterWare® IVR

Develop auto-attendant menus and increase service availability!

CenterWare® Scripting

Organize all kinds of client-related data!

Social Networks & Unified Media

Easily monitor all your digital channels without any additional tools.

CenterWare® Chat

Get comprehensive, drill-down analytics regarding all campaigns!

CenterWare® Surveys

Conduct online surveys after serving customers!

CenterWare® Administrator

Manage and configure operating models in next to no time!

CenterWare® Agent

Enhance agent productivity with the best tools available!

CenterWare® Reports

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of any framework!

CenterWare® Finder

Backup every piece of information!

Our cloud or hosted call center software can be tailored to meet any business need!

CenterWare Xion® IP

CenterWare Xion® features IP technology that provides a convergent network with flexibility and growth capabilities that tailor to any business need. Its open architecture allows integrating existing infrastructures to the following applications:

  • Call recording
  • CTI
  • Reporting
  • Inbound routing
  • Outbound dialing
  • Email
  • Chat
  • and many more…

Unparalleled seamless integration!

CenterWare Xion IP is based on Host Media Processing (HMP) technology and runs on Intel Xeon servers capable of supporting hundreds of ports; helping businesses in their transition towards an all-IP infrastructure while reducing hardware overhead.

Convergence is here with CenterWare HMP!

It supports video H.623, fax T.38/V.17, audio codecs G.711 and G.729, and up to 500 simultaneous calls by server thanks to its scalable nature.

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