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Debt collection and debt recovery are processes that must meet a series of requirements to be successful and guarantee liquidity and solvency in any company or business. Among these factors are well-thought-out strategies and tools for streamlining collection.

Nuxiba developed a tool with the most advanced technology to help you collect payments with greater ease and achieve positive results.

Nuxiba´s Technology software allows our clients to tailor specific and complex Contact Center solutions for each unique customer´s environment, like:

Link external BPOs to:

Bank´s main IVRs to validate credit card information

Bank´s main CRM on real time for each BPO, campaign and client for collections purposes.

Bank´s main CRM using Bank´s own dialing business rules.

Telecom´s Company data base to receive on real time a record of a client.

Additional to:

• Centralize hundreds of distributed call centers on one Contact Center facilitating monitoring and operations.

• Create a sales call center environment for Banks and Telecom

• Handling more than 20,000 inbound calls per hour on bank and telecom´s Customer service through BPO´s

• Use traditional inbound/outbound service including all contact center channels & technologies.

• TCPA and PCI solutions available.


Administration, Supervision, and Monitoring Module

This module allows you to monitor your call center’s operation in real time and make changes on the fly to ensure that collection is conducted optimally across your communication channels.

CenterWare Outbound

The best database management tool in the market. Manage your collection operations while improving and automating your contact center’s service levels.
Segment your databases by payment delay, amount, and location to control your clients easily and keep accurate accounts.

Predictive Dialer

This system dials all the phone numbers in your database achieving a high contact ratio through callback attempts. You decide the dialing modality
The human voice detection feature screens out calls answered by automatic devices so you always get to speak with a person.


Organize and synchronize your client information with simple steps. Provide agents with access to each client’s particulars at all times, and not only during calls. This way, they will be able to search for payments, outstanding debts, due dates, and any other data necessary to follow up on collection processes.

Nuxiba developed a tool with the most advanced technology to help you collect payments with greater ease and achieve positive results.

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