Nuxiba has over 20 years’ experience in engineering software for improving the operation of hundreds of contact centers around the world.

We conduct business in North and Latin America, Europe, and Asia through our US head office and Mexico branch.

We develop reliable, adaptable, user-friendly, and feature-rich platforms with excellence in mind to deliver the best user experience available along with secure and stable resources for operation improvement.

Our team of professionals is committed to put all their talent into each project and provide customers with technology that exceeds their expectations.

We are trusted by hundreds of satisfied customers around the world.


Nuxiba was founded with the purpose of offering the best enterprise software for calls automation, customer interaction, database management, and streamlined communication. This aim evolved over time into developing powerful tools capable of revamping the points of contact between companies and customers.

The alliance between a group of engineers and shareholders led to the innovative concept of integral software solutions for call and contact centers combining features like CRM, IVR, call and screen recording, chat, email, etc.

From that moment on, Nuxiba focused on becoming a strategic partner of companies by providing them with platforms for optimizing their communication processes, increasing their productivity, improving their competitiveness, and building strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

Nowadays, we have a large customer base that trust us with their daily operation. Therefore, we innovate our products and services on a regular basis to deliver the best user experience available.


“We help and communicate customers around the world
providing the best user experience and promoting human talent.”


The following is a description of the values and beliefs constituting a business model and corporate culture that have paved the way for outstanding results. These schemes allow us to enhance our skills and knowledge limitlessly and work as a big family. A family where everyone looks after the other, believes in teamwork as the key to success, and confides that their peers will make good decisions, do their best, and share responsibility for any outcome. In this mindset, we don’t see a job, but the opportunity to provide society with our greatest gifts, which are our talent, time, and best effort. It is a space where we can grow and transcend our limits.


- Meeting mutual commitments is highly regarded
- Direct communication is a constant
- Coworkers confide in each other’s skills
- Knowledge is shared and coaching is practiced
- Success is acknowledged with positive feedback

When it comes to teamwork, we encourage people to participate actively in the solution of any situation; we promote that their opinion be heard freely and, at the same time, debated extensively with solid technical and business bases that help to identify whether it contributes or not to the desired outcome.

Nuxiba understands that a symptom of bad corporate culture is making commitments and not following through. We know that nothing undermines team confidence and performance more than not attending to a scheduled meeting, not meeting deadlines, and not showing interest or will to participate.

We want our staff to be highly talented, competitive, and humble people who always feel challenged and fulfilled; a team where the faith in everybody’s capability to do their best is blind and the basis to ensure that all commitments are met according to the agreed terms and quality.

We believe that all hires can develop their talent to the full and rise to the challenges in their job. Therefore, all management levels understand they must teach, guide, reorient, coach, and provide continuous feedback with respect, patience, and the firm idea that it is their responsibility to nurture people’s talent.

Nuxiba thinks that recognizing remarkable achievements is essential, but celebrating small accomplishments, proactive initiatives, and constant additional effort is even more important. This shows the company is concerned with creating a system that acknowledges, appreciates, and values people’s work and belief in its corporate culture. We feel that the best innovations and decisions are not proposed by management levels, but rather by employees who are in contact with clients and operations on a daily basis.

We consider that intricate corporate hierarchies hinder communication. Effective communication is crucial in demanding and fast-evolving environments with little tolerance for error. We think people must be able to communicate fluently with no intermediaries. This means the CEO can speak directly with an installation or software engineer (and vice versa) in the same way a customer service representative can interact with a development manager without hurting the ego of intermediate levels.


- Collective responsibility for success and failure
- Responsibility to make things happen. The ant effect (an ant assumes the leadership and the rest of the colony join her to complete a task).

Nuxiba wishes that each and every employee proposes solutions. We want all ideas to be discussed exhaustively and openly with strong arguments. Once an initiative is approved for implementation, we expect that the entire company combines efforts to support it and that, in the event it fails, everyone takes responsibility for the outcome making collective remarks like: “this worked out well and we met the target” or “this didn’t go as planned and we failed to achieve the desired result”.

Focusing on things that will very likely not add value to the company, as well as being apathetic, weakens our work culture and collapses the bridges between performance and collaboration. The company has a purpose and reason. If a situation that proves detrimental to such precepts arises, we hope leaders emerge in all in-house areas to undertake the responsibility of providing a thorough solution. We don’t expect that people remain passive waiting for someone else to step forward while both the company and clients are left helpless. Just as ants unite outside of the nest and leadership of the queen, Nuxiba members must become a team to face any circumstances.


- Truth over everything
- Communication of problems and setbacks

We know errors occur and plans don’t always go as expected. That’s why we believe that communicating problems just as they unfold, without omitting the root causes, strengthens customer and employee relationships. Concealing failures or missteps, on the other hand, results in the loss of trust. At Nuxiba, mistakes can be discussed openly and honestly so we can find agile ways to fix them.

Our commitments and responsibilities affect and apply to all areas in the company. Setbacks are a possibility in a business and environment as difficult as ours. We trust that we will be informed of any obstacles and inconveniences before deadlines come up and people expect results. This way, we can encourage a positive employee morale.


- Actions and behaviors oriented towards common goals
- Excellence in our work to keep pace with a complex, ever-changing, and demanding industry
- Leadership based on example
- No room for superficiality
- Balance between work and family

Ego is a human trait. We know there can be differences of opinion. Even though technical arguments favor one party or the other, we must put aside personal feelings and pride for the sake of the company. Family is the value we treasure the most. It is a crucial factor in high performance. We are conscious that employees will not always see each other in a fraternal spirit; however, we expect they can build a cordial, professional relationship in which common targets are placed before individual wishes.

The technology industry is extremely complex and dynamic. Changes take place at a very rapid pace and the standards for quality and user experience are increasingly higher. We revamp our services constantly, search for day-to-day improvements, and develop optimization strategies to offer more valuable products, and consequently reach our goals. To that end, we engage in deep conversations that help us become more knowledgeable about our fields of specialization.

Nuxiba promotes justice and equality among all its members. We hope everyone lives by our ideals regardless of their job title. We expect both leaders and employees inspire others through example to evidence our healthy work culture.

It’s common that people behave similarly between home and work. Those who focus only on working and neglect their home are more likely to care less about their coworkers or the company’s purpose. They are more interested in their personal achievements than the success of their team. Nuxiba values people who work with intelligence and determination, completing their tasks within office hours. We understand there might be projects where overtime is required, but we expect they are the exception and not the rule. Home is a meaningful part of life and one of the main sources of energy, ambition, and motivation to achieve goals. Therefore, we want our staff to balance work and family.


- A ‘can do’ attitude
- Low fear of failure or self-exposure
- First-class service throughout the customer journey
- Warrior and champion mindset
- Innovation
- Pursuit of dreams

At Nuxiba, we always search for ‘the can in can’t’ in every situation or challenge we face. This attitude is what we take the most pride in and the reason we have managed to carve out a place in the industry. In any scenario with a customer or between in-house departments, the ‘impossible’ philosophy is what comes first. Nuxiba means Giant; a giant capable of turning problems into huge advantages through a ‘can do’ mindset.

We want people who don’t wait for permission to put plans into action; people whose passion for innovation and outstanding results leads them to experiment. Even if they don’t succeed, they can trust their effort will be valued and they will be encouraged to keep on trying.

Our highly skilled professionals help us develop the best products and services, grow on a steady basis, stay motivated, and transcend boundaries. They excel at networks, SIP, AdWords, SEO, software engineering, installation, etc. We make sure our talent network is among the best in the industry.

We know attitude makes the difference in customer service. To convey our passion for clients and draw the line between us and our competitors, we recognize the importance of excellence in service and we strive for delivering customer interactions that reflect our main purpose: “helping through the best user experience”.

In the past, territories were conquered through military and technological power. Today’s wars are defined by commerce; only the best products are sold worldwide. Nuxiba members feel capable of developing technology and services that dominate the international scene. We share a warrior spirit and pride for our roots. We want to conquest all markets to help transform the world and benefit millions with our platforms.

Passion is about identifying rooms from improvement in existing processes and increasing the value delivered to customers through disruptive innovation. Readiness (and the willingness to learn) must apply to all in-house tasks and business aspects so we can discover, detect, and develop groundbreaking technology. Being passionate about our work is the way to find new ideas applicable to our field, either inside or outside the company.

Our dream is to accomplish great things: attract and foster the best human talent, become one of the best companies in the world, and be the best place to work. What’s even more important is we are confident in our ability to fulfill this dream.


- Respect for others’ work
-Constructive confrontation

We are sure our members have the best of intentions and make decisions that prove beneficial to the company and its people. We know constructive criticism can compromise communication and confidence when it is not provided in the appropriate settings or when the interested parties are absent. Therefore, we make sure feedback is given face-to-face or at meetings. .
Nuxiba prioritizes the well-being of its work groups. We understand disagreements are common and that some of them might even be taken personally, but we found no sense in arguments that don’t lead to progression. Our corporate culture promotes a respectful and constructive approach to handle any debate and reach a resolution.


- Recreation time

It’s common knowledge that teams are highly motivated when they are successful, oriented to goals, and capable of solving any problems. However, we believe the path is more important than the goal. We find joy in simple things while meeting our daily targets. We invest and manage time wisely, but we also make friendships, share jokes and time together, learn about each other’s dreams and family, celebrate big and small accomplishments, and read books or watch movies for self-education.


- Surprise customers with knowledge
- Self-development

There’s no stronger motivation than finding new ways to solve a problem, improve steadily, and attain excellence. We value people who educate themselves; who search for new techniques and solutions in books or online. We appreciate their enthusiasm because their input helps us enhance our business vision. It allows us to gain a broader perception and adopt ideas shaped by multiple minds. This innovation and participation spirit keeps our corporate culture alive and in constant evolution.

Thanks to our sense of individual and collective responsibility, continuous improvement, and passion, our members inform us of their training needs actively and proactively. This way, we help them to develop all the skills necessary for their professional and personal growth.



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