Conact Center Customer Service and Assistance

Customer Service and Customer Assistance are the main basis for offering a comprehensive, top-level portfolio of customer interactions and are considered a key reference point when it comes to addressing situations that take place in contact centers every day.

Thay also play a key part in getting client feedback and enable you to make decisions aimed at business excellence.

To help you achieve your customer service goals, CenterWare Suite features the following customer service and assistance-driven modules:

CenterWare Inbound®

Reduce waiting times and forward clients to the appropriate agent!

Waiting times are an unavoidable factor in customer assistance and one of the underlying causes of dissatisfaction among callers or service requesters.

This module is capable of delivering engaging, first class user experiences without delay so that clients always remain loyal to your company.

CenterWare IVR®

Around the clock support adds value to your corporate image!

Immediate resolutions go hand in hand with the reduction of wait times at all stages of customer service.

This module features a self-service interface where clients are given answers in accordance with their every requirement and keypad input.