CenterWare IVR CS®— Interactive Voice Response System

Nuxiba brings within your reach the most advanced IVR application available: a world-class voice processing software based on Microsoft operating systems.

CenterWare’s Intreractive Voice Response Software reduces operating costs by increasing the number of simultaneously served users through the automation of customer interactions with your call center.

    Start saving money, expedite customer interactions, and keep clients loyal with a dynamic self service solution!

    Monitor agent information online:

    Centerware IVR CS® is a mission critical system that reduces customer effort and automates contact center processes and services through voice messages.

    Innovative and effective dialing solutions!

    Dial and receive thousands of calls while interacting with each client independently!

    Sometimes you just have to go agentless!



    • Inbound and outbound campaigns
    • Queueing
    • Routing and forwarding
    • Recorder
    • Timer
    • Voicemail
    • Telephone directory
    • Auto attendant featuring welcome and options menu


    • Databases
    • Balances
    • Internet information
    • Audio text (FAQs, instructions, etc.)
    • Sales points
    • Workforce details
    • Flight departures and arrivals


    • Unified messaging
    • Fax control
    • Messages playback
    • Reminder systems

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