Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can help your customers get the information they need without the aid of a live agent. Customers can check balances, make payments, and answering common FAQ.  With an IVR system, you can increase customer satisfaction and free up live agents to assist others.

With Nuxiba IVR, you get a world-class voice processing software. Our IVR system will help reduce operating costs by increasing the number of customers served at the same time.

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System can save you money, expedite customer interactions, and keep clients loyal with a dynamic self service solution!

Innovative and effective Dialing solution

IVR Interface

Centerware IVR  lets you control the messaging with our easy to use system. Customize your call flow that best meets your customer’s needs.

We strive to provide an IVR system that reduces customer efforts and automates contact center processes through voice messages.

Pair our IVR with our Centerware Xion and you get the best call center solution on the market.

A Feature Rich IVR Solution

Interactive Voice Response Features

Create a self-service, IVR solution for a personalized experience. Available for both inbound and outbound campaigns. IVR allows for queueing, routing and forwarding, recording, voicemail phone directories, and so much more.

Interactive Messaging

Get unified messaging, fax control, message playback, and reminder systems.

    Agent Monitoring

    Your IVR system from Nuxiba allows access to various databases, balance lookup, and audio text for basic FAQs., to name a few.

    Our system helps your customers get the information they need the quickest way possible.

    "Our IVR with Nuxiba has taken us to the next level in customer satisfaction"

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