Contact Center Management

Administrator Module®

 This module helps administrators to streamline the configuration and control of all the activity that takes place in your contact center. It can be accessed either locally or remotely to create and manage inbound (ACD) and outbound campaigns along with resources like databases, agents, supervisors, etc. through simple drag and drop operations.


The overall function of your platform can be managed with great ease according to the following features:

Role-based user accounts

Create employee-specific login names and passwords to delimit the applications that can be deployed by user.

Agents and workgroups

Select the parties that belong to and carry out each campaign.


Define the order in which campaigns are to handle calls traffic by assigning them a given number of ports.

Data imports

Load records by campaign and set their dialing order.

Skills-driven routing

Transfer customers to the most knowledgeable and experienced staff members; configure a routing system based on the abilities shared by your workforce.


Establish different categories to classify the results achieved in every customer interaction and measure your service levels.


Manage and customize campaigns that meet your business targets.

Dialing systems

Determine the way (i.e. predictive, progressive, intensive, manual, or interactive) in which records are to be dialed.

Activity schedules

Set the range of hours during which your business is conduct

Wrap-up time

Program the seconds or minutes that agents can take to complete all the tasks for rating a customer interaction after it ends.

Service requests and calls overflow

Configure waiting times to decide when to forward queued clients to other lines or communication channels whereby their service requests are answered

Waiting messages

Load the messages, advertisements, or background music that is played to clients when they enter a waiting queue.


Reduce unproductive periods and achieve top-level campaign results.

Agent Module

This module allows agents to both contact and service clients or prospects in a timely fashion by means of outbound and inbound calls, chat sessions, emails, or social networks. Its next-generation applications capable of running in any operating system (Mac, Linux, or Windows) make easier for every workforce to excel at their tasks while reaching high productivity levels.

To deliver an unparalleled, first-class service, your staff members are enabled to:

  • Log in to the system with their employee-specific user account to perform their assigned role
  • Set themselves to the default ‘unavailable’ status or the administrator-customized ‘not ready’ statuses (e.g. ‘meeting’, ‘lunch’, ‘break’, etc.) when they are not at their desktops to ensure that clients are served at all times
  • Disposition calls and customer interactions so supervisors detect areas for improvement and good practices
  • See detailed client and campaign-specific data in their screen to provide personalized, accurate information
  • Comply with the minutes set for each activity and distribute operations accordingly with the aid of indicators like:
    • Service time limit
    • Current queued customers
    • Unavailable status use limit
  • Access any database or enterprise management application (ERP, CRM, etc.) that integrates with the platform through:
    • ActiveX components (Microsoft)
    • Web applets (Java and HTML)
    • Application drivers
  • Communicate with supervisors via chat to ask for assistance or advice when speaking with a client

Enhance agent productivity with richly-featured tools!

Supervisor Module

This module informs supervisors of the complete contact center activity; it features all-encompassing charts and tables that display and measure agent or campaign results based on indicators like:

  • Agent

    • Name and workstation
    • Login and logout time
    • Worked hours percentage
    • Current status (ready, talking, on wrap-up time, etc.)
    • Total ‘ready’ status time
    • Total ‘talking’ status time
    • Total ‘unavailable’ status time
    • Answered calls and service requests
    • Wrap-up time
    • Average service time per call
    • Productivity percentage
    • Speed of answer
    • Calls disposition

  • Outbound campaigns

    • Client name
    • Dialed calls
    • Answered calls
    • Not-answered calls
    • Busy lines
    • Answering machine or fax detection
    • Records to dial
    • Blocked records
    • Callback records
    • Total ‘talking’ status time
    • Unproductive time
    • Calls disposition
    • Calls length
    • ‘Ready’ agents
    • ‘Unavailable’ agents
    • Busy agents percentage
    • Busy ports average rate
    • Productivity level
    • Dialed records detail
    • Telephone bills per campaign, carrier, and agent


  • Inbound campaigns (service requests received via calls, chat sessions, emails, and social networks)

    • Received requests
    • Answered requests
    • Abandoned requests
    • Overflowed (forwarded) requests
    • Average waiting time
    • Average service time
    • Service percentage
    • Abandonment percentage
    • Busy agents percentage
    • Signed-in agents percentage
    • Service level


In addition, a group of useful functionalities can be deployed by supervisors to track staff operations. For instance, they can:

  • Hear or read conversations between agents and clients without any of the parties noticing (monitoring)
  • Give agents support or advice in emergency cases without clients noticing (coaching)
  • Interact with agents and clients at the same time (conference)

Enable efficient communication and deliver the best customer service!

Unified Media

To satisy current multi-channel demands in your contact center, you must support your agents with the best control and follow-up tools for every client interaction.

This is why Nuxiba has integrated a new Unified Media screen where each agent can receive, monitor and answer multiple client requests from a single, simple interface no matter the communication medium the customer chooses. Agents can manage communications through Email, Twitter and Live Chat without having to open any other application.

They also have the option to continue receiving calls while tweeting or emailing, maximizing their call center time.

From the administrator module, with our advanced search engine, you can monitor all interactions that each channel generates, by agent, hour and even in real-time. You can generate reports and analyze each client conversation to create better attention strategies at no additional cost.

Easily monitor all your digital channels without any additional tools.

Social Networks


Take advantage of this concise and direct media to deliver the best customer experience!

Social media is heavily used by customers to communicate and receive support in an immediate and direct manner. Interactions through twitter increase brand awareness and create a closer relationship with the customer, but they must be efficient and timely to deliver the best customer experience.

Nuxiba’s twitter module allows interactions with one or several accounts that you can assign to a specific group of agents by campaign, product or user.

The assigned agents can receive multiple tweets and follow up on conversations with each customer in a simple and direct way. You can generate reports and monitor, in real time, each one of the conversations and customer requests.

Increase your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty with the peace of mind of having control of each interaction.

Quick and effective responses!

Email Module

Receive, organize, answer and backup all your daily emails.

With the email module you can easily follow up on client conversations. Thanks to our alert system, no email will go unanswered; the system will alert you when an email has gone unattended for a certain period of time and with the unified inbox, any agent can follow up on conversations which can also be downloaded and monitored in real time.

With our agent assigning system, customers will receive the correct answer by the most qualified personnel as emails can be re-routed to other agents if the first agent does not have the necessary information to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Answers can be delivered quickly with customizable text templates that ensure correct messaging and brand protection.

Nuxiba delivers the best email management tool for an unequaled customer experience.

Engage your customers quickly and directly — in real time!

Chat Module

This module broadens your existing communication channels with a cost-effective technology that allows clients and prospects to engage with you online in real time. When implementing it into your website, help is readily available to any visitor from any device. Moreover, agents can multi-task by not only handling several concurrent chats, but also combining this instant messaging strategy with other inbound campaign capabilities. Therefore, your service levels are improved and your workforce is optimized to a strikingly large extent. 

Achieve outstandingly high first-contact resolution percentages; control and supervise every single service request and question received across agent desktops by means of conversation logs or backups, extensive reports, and detailed chat session information.

Join a business strategy that is easy to set up and learn by your staff, keep pace with the latest trends in the industry, and meet customer requirements in next to no time.

Conduct customer satisfaction surveys after each interaction!

Automated Customer Satisfaction Surveys Module

This module is the perfect tool for assessing the services rendered by your company through dynamic interactive questionnaires. Its user-friendly block-based interface enables the creation of all kinds of surveys, which can range from easy to complex and be automatically carried out during, immediately after, or long after each customer interaction. Furthermore, they can be fully aligned with your business targets and measure a wide range of parameters like:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Agent performance
  • Resolution effectiveness
  • Speed of answer
  • Staff conduct code
  • Service quality

Expedite resolutions, reduce waiting times, and improve service quality!

Scripting Module

This module guides agent dialogue to ensure the delivery of consistent, smart customer experiences. It defines content-specific workflow systems based on your internal operating processes and policies in order to help staff members to achieve repeatable excellent results while adhering to your business philosophy in every step of the conversation. As a direct result, service quality is standardized, waiting times are reduced, and resolutions are expedited.

Develop brief and comprehensive courses of action quickly, assign them to one or several campaigns easily, and edit them on the fly when then need arises with thoroughly intuitive tools.

    Get first-hand information of the activity in your contact center!

    Reports and Statistics Module

    This module generates extensive real-time analytics that highlight cautions, strengths, and areas for improvement in agent activity so you can plan and make any changes necessary to fully meet every business target.

    Filter detailed drill-down reports by time, date, hour range, workgroup, campaign, client, supervisor, etc. and export them to Excel, CSV, and PDF files. This set of capabilities do not only register every operation executed by your workforce, but also provide the exact same data you require to drive your business forward.

      Develop auto-attendant applications to service customers around the clock!

      IVR Module

      This module features a ground-breaking environment for developing automated phone response systems aligned with unique business requirements. It deploys auxiliary technologies like text-to-speech and enables integration with existing websites or databases to assist a large number of clients simultaneously while delivering best-in-class caller experiences.

      IVR services can include:

          • Account balances retrieval
          • Unified messaging
          • Prepaid cards management
          • Telephone registration
          • Order taking
          • Opinion surveys (televoting)
          • Market research
          • Databases querying
          • CTI integration
          • and many more…

      Design interactive call flows by DNIS digits without delay or difficulty. Develop independent navigation schemes based on as many menus, options, and prompts as your operations require. Additionally, save an unlimited number of projects and enable them when they best suit your campaign targets.

      Connect to any database server to retrieve and enter specific information. Enhance and personalize your self‑service solutions by loading prerecorded messages or having the multilingual TTS functionality insert all kinds of variables and text strings like dates, sums, names, and any other relevant particulars.

      Make and apply partial or general changes to call flows on the fly (i.e. in real time) to ensure that customers are led in appropriate directions at all times.

      CenterWare Xion® IVR core characteristics:

          • Scalability to hundreds of ports
          • Multiple variables management, playing, and spelling.
          • DTMF-driven intelligent routing
          • ANI and DID services
          • User-friendly block-based graphical interface
          • Open-architecture components
          • High-quality text-to-speech engine
          • Calls recording
          • Calls forwarding to external numbers or centers
          • Comprehensive reports by menu, option, navigation length, and transfers
          • VXML compatibility