Business Partners



Maxcom is a quadruple-play (phone, Internet, cable, and mobility) service provider whose offerings adapt to every client and business. Its next-generation telecommunications infrastructure along with a highly talented staff deliver top-quality solutions.




Siemens Communications is one of the main worldwide telecommunications leaders. Its expert knowledge and vast experience regarding all fields of fixed and mobile telephony, enables it to provide service to companies and complex network operators through a wide variety of products.




AXTEL is the second largest fixed telephony and virtual private network services provider in Mexico. It users range from small and medium-sized companies to large conglomerate companies, financial institutions and government agencies.



EPIC Connections

EPIC Connections® is a global leader in contact center consulting, outsourcing and managed services. The most recognized brands in the world use EPIC to improve their customers experience and deliver a positive return on investment.


Technology Partners


Dialogic is a worldwide leader provider of media-rich and bandwidth optimization solutions for high performance networks, mobile operators, and application developers. Thousands of disparate networks and value-added services platforms use Dialogic technologies based on TDM, IP, SIP, and IMS protocols




Nuance is a leading multinational voice and video solutions provider. Its applications and services enhance user experience with regard to information access and interaction, along with documents creation, use, and sharing. A large number of users benefit from Nuance solutions to process spoken words and extract their meaning, as well as interpret the swipe of a fingertip.



Audiocodes Ltd.

Audio Codes LTD is a VoIP technology market leader whose main development area is converged VoIP and data communications. Its offerings help from multinational to small service providers and enterprises in their transition towards an all-IP voice infrastructure and Microsoft Unified Communications.



Callware Technologies

Callware Technologies is leader in developing and marketing voicemail, auto attendant, and unified messaging solutions. Its award-winning products can support from a full-featured 4 port voicemail system to very large unified communication networks that enable millions of users to access their information from a computer or any other mobile device.


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