Our exclusive service combining software and telephony allows you to cut costs significantly and use all the features in our platform

Get access to the best contact center software when hiring our CenterWare Total service. Obtain all the benefits of working with a company with over 20 years’ experience. No license fees required, no additional costs.

Nuxiba developed a tool with the most advanced technology to help you collect payments with greater ease and achieve positive results.


IP Telephony

Your contact center will communicate by a state-of-the-art system over the internet. This translates into reduced operational costs as no devices are needed. IP telephony enables you to call mobiles and landlines with no connection problems.

Inbound and Outbound Channels

Make as many calls as you need with the best predictive dialer and forward incoming calls with our intelligent ACD system. Reduce your wait times, increase your speed of answer, and minimize your contact center’s downtime.


Use Nuxiba’s comprehensive drill-down reports to monitor your complete operation. Analyze service, quality, and first-contact resolution metrics and control your contact center’s overall results with a wide variety of reports.


Add an interactive voice response system to your customer service strategy. Our IVR technology is compatible with XML and can integrate with your databases. Develop option menus by campaign and retrieve reports to measure the effectiveness of your automated resources

CRM Express

This module organizes and synchronizes your client information using a simple layout that can be fully tailored to each of your business processes.


Help agents to provide a first-class service according to your business targets and in-house policies. Create scripts that give detailed guidance to ensure that quality standards are met in each call or customer interaction.


Our Twitter module manages all the tweets received in one or more accounts and assigns them to a specific group of agents depending on the type of campaign, product, or user.





Get all of these modules and many more to achieve outstanding results in each of your campaigns.

Training and support at no cost!

Let’s start together. Nuxiba trains you and your team in how to use this software to the best advantage of your business and goals.

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