Are you thinking about switching your IVR system? Make sure to ask yourself these questions.

Switching your IVR System is an important decision. You need to find the right phone system that serves your customers and is easy to implement. If you are thinking of switching your IVR system, make sure to consider these five things to choose the best system for your companies needs.

1. Does Your System Have an Open API?

By having an open API, your new IVR system can work with your existing systems. This means you can adapt quickly to technology changes, easily access your customer database, and most importantly, minimize your business costs.

2. Can the IVR Handle Customer Inquiries on its Own?

A well-structured phone system will assist your customer’s needs in a timely manner. By decreasing wait times and allowing your IVR system to answer common questions from  your customer base, will free up agents to reduce wait times for those needing extra assistance.

3. Can the IVR Keep Track of Callers?

To give your customers the best experience, you need to know their intent. Tracking your callers and the actions they take in your phone system will help to understand what changes you should make for a better experience. Getting to know your customers and those who repeatedly call-in, you can tailor a personal experience for them as well as meet their expectations.

4. How do Customers Navigate the System?

Is your current IVR system easy to use? Will the new one be more intuitive for your customers? Navigation is important in the user experience. Being able to navigate and understand through clear instruction on how to use the IVR system will improve your customer’s experience. Having consistent default options and immediate selection when hearing options will improve the user experience.

5. How Does the Authentication Process Work?

Authenticating users must be done quickly and efficiently. If a customer gets caught up on authenticating their identity, they will choose to speak to an agent. This, in turn, increases wait time for others.

By asking these questions when you are switching your IVR system, you can get a better idea and compare your options to find the best IVR solution for your customers.


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