Reminder HM® — Mass Voice Message Broadcasting Software

Communicate with thousands of clients and prospects over their mobile and landline phones.

Reminder HM® Mass Voice Message Broadcasting Software enables you to quickly and easily broadcast your custom crafted voice messages to thousands of customers.

Additionally, it measures successful deliveries and detects the percentage of messages completely heard by recipients.

Sending clear and concise voice messages on a mass scale enhances customer interactions and information efficiency while reducing infrastructure expenses.


Reminder HM® advantages and benefits:

  • Deploys intelligent applications capable of detecting human voice and answering or fax machines to guarantee that only persons are reached
  • Forwards recipients to your contact center on demand
  • Uses black (do-not-call) lists to avoid compliance risks
  • Tailors messages to any business target
  • Covers several carriers
  • Sends from one to thousands of messages immediately
  • Features a user-friendly, intuitive graphical interface
  • Creates audio through its own resources or loads prerecorded files
  • Personalizes messages by having the text-to-speech feature insert client names or any other particular data
  • Imports data through the FTP protocol
  • Uses automated interactive opt-out mechanisms
  • Comes in handy when conducting campaigns aimed at customer loyalty, debt collection, promotions, etc

    Get real-time reports!

    Automated Mass Telephone Surveys

    Generate comprehensive drill-down reports that display contact ratios and dialing results (answered and not answered calls, busy lines, disconnected numbers, etc.).

    Review the records blocked by black lists, filters, or business rules; the development of each survey; and the customer perspective on your products or services.



    Explore all the kinds of messages you can broadcast with a cloud-based platform

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